Unverferth Direct-Axle Dual Wheels

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  • Unverferth Wedg-Lok® and U-bolt hubs are precision machined from high-tensile, ductile iron and attach directly to the tractor's axle for a factory-installed look
  • Wedg-Lok hubs feature two inserts, one of which matches the axle keyway, that when tightened grip the axle for a slip-free fit
  • 1000E series Wedg-Lok hubs feature a maximum offset and can be used where there is at least 7" of exposed axle
  • 2000E series Wedg-Lok hubs feature a 0" offset and can be used where at least 7 " of exposed axle is available
  • U-bolt hubs feature a precision matched keyway and clamp onto the tractor's axle for a firm grip
  • High-tensile strength bolts provide superior holding power
  • A large variety of 10-hole wheels are available from 38" diameter up to 54" diameter in a variety of popular offsets to meet many cropping practices
  • For triple wheels, simply add an appropriately sized extension and wheel and you're ready to put more of your tractor's horsepower to work
  • Wheels are powder coated for a better-than-original equipment finish and life
  • Custom-Built dual and triple wheels are also available to meet a wider range of row widths and tire sizes


Dual- and triple-wheel installations save time, increase fuel efficiency, reduce compaction and provide greater traction. Add multiple wheels to your tractor with the Unverferth patented T-Rail® system or the Wedg-Lok® direct axle attachment.