Your Equipment Deserves Clean Diesel

Modern high-pressure fuel injectors contain clearance spaces around one-twentieth the size of a grain of table salt. Today’s clearance size, at just under 5 microns, is no match for the nearly 100-million 4-micron particles that make it into a single gallon of your diesel when it’s delivered.

You can keep your bulk tank as clean as possible. That still won’t mitigate one unfortunate reality: your diesel is dirty.

Case IH clean diesel kits protect diesel engines, reduce maintenance costs and prevent premature engine failure. Simply attach a kit to your farm’s diesel tanks to start filtering harmful, microscopic contaminants out of fuel—before it makes it to your machines.

clean diesel


The simple-to-install and easy-to-monitor kits will protect your engines and keep them running with clean fuel—in order to operate at peak efficiency. Dirty, unfiltered diesel mixed with today’s high-velocity injection pressures can have damaging effects. So much so that as diesel engines reach injection pressures that surpass 30,000 PSI, unfiltered particles in dirty diesel can hit the injector at speeds high enough to create inefficient spray-patterns—causing improper idling, irregular fuel distribution, unsuitable exhaust emissions and a poor fuel economy as a result