Unverferth Ripper-Roller

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  • First, the lead coulter with six-bolt hub and 20", 13-wave blade helps cut through the heaviest crop residue for maximum flow
  • Next, the steep-sloped shanks with auto-reset mechanism provide moderate soil disturbance and till up to 18" deep
  • Choose model 630 with shear-bolt-free auto-reset design or model 610 with shear-bolt protected shank
  • Shanks are offset 16 inches and are spaced 18 inches apart for optimum residue flow-through
  • Choice of leveling options:
    • 16" roller with beveled, high-carbon steel blades break up the soil and help distribute residue
    • Drum roller with 3/8" thick x 3" tall x 2-1/2" wide cleats help drive the roller across the ground for maximum leveling and firming action
    • 16" Rolling Harrow basket features scalloped and angled blades to chop and evenly distribute soil and residue
  • Leveling rollers feature two heavy-duty 3" x 3" mounting arms and adjustable spring down pressure for fine-tuning the soil finish
  • All-welded steel construction with 6" by 6" rear bar
  • Models available with 7, 9, 11 or 13 shanks
  • Requires approximately 20-40 horsepower per shank


Unverferth RipperRoller Specs