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  • Model 1050 features a 20" unloading auger for unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute
    • Patented Flex-Drive auger engagement for smooth, efficient operation
    • 7/16" thick Extended-Wear flighting for longer life and added durability
  • Model 9250, 8250 and 7250 grain carts are equipped with 17"-diameter augers for unloading up to 400 bushels per minute
    • Computer-balanced auger with 5/16" flighting provide fast unloading with enhanced drivetrain life
  • Models 6225 and 5225 unload up to 300 bushels per minute with their 14"-diameter augers
  • The auger downspout on the 50 series grain carts is hydraulically adjustable for ease of aim when unloading
  • The high-intensity halogen auger light facilitates nighttime unloading
  • The hydraulic auger lock-valve ensures leak-free fitment during unloading while a solid-steel rest support keeps the auger tight and snug to the cart during transport and for convenient and efficient storage


  • Models 1050, 9250, 8250, 7250, 6225 and 5225 feature 1000, 850, 740, 600 and 500 bushel carrying capacities respectively
  • The oversized gears and bearings, encased in a reinforced aluminum gearbox housing, are static-rated at 330 h.p. and dynamic-rated at 153 h.p. for long-term, trouble-free use
  • A highly visible flow-control position indicator is easily seen from the tractor cab
  • Easy-to-use, gravity-flow unloading door is lever-operated and can be locked open for easy clean out
  • 50 series grain carts feature slip-clutch protected PTO, 6225 and 5225 feature shear-bolt protected as standard
  • A single-tang hitch with elongated pin opening reduces drawbar stress when traveling over uneven terrain
  • Available with a baked-on finish in choice of red or green with all seams silicone sealed for optimum corrosion resistance


Model Number 8250

U.S. patent #5,374,082

*Bushel capacities were measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb. test weight)

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

Capacity*(bushels) 850
Auger Size 17"
Flighting Thickness 5/16"
Output Shaft Dia. 1-3/4"
Appr. Empty Weight (lbs) 9,200
Est. Loaded Tongue Wt. (lbs) 5,200
Unload Time (bu/min) 400
Auger Reach 7'6"
Tractor H.P. Req. 180+
Tire Size 30.5x32
Unverferth Grain Cart Specifications A 15'3"
B 3'9"
C 16'
D 24'6"
E 13'7"
F 7'6"
G 12'8"
H 11'1"
I 1'6"
J 10'
K 12'7"
L 12'1"
M 11'11"
N 15'
O 16'6"
Loaded Tire Ground Pressure - P.S.I. Specifications calculated at the 3" penetration level.
420/80x46 Duals 17.92
520/85x42 Duals 12.80    
480/80x42 Duals 15.36
35.5x32 (20 ply) 15.36
900/60x32 20.81
30.5x32 22.89
24.5x32 27.57