Speed Swing Attachments

The Pettibone Speed Swing can be equipped with a wide range of attachments, ensuring optimal productivity for right-of-way maintenance and other tasks on the rails.

  • Magnet


  • ACS Tote Boom with Bucket

    ACS Tote Boom with Magnet

  • ACS Tote Boom

    ACS Tote Boom

  • Extendable Boom

    Extendable Boom

  • Lattice Boom

    Lattice Boom

  • Rail Mat Tong

    Rail Mat Tong

  • Rail Threader

    Rail Threader

  • Rail Tong

    Rail Tong

  • Auger


  • Snow Blower

    Snow Blower

  • ACS V Type Snow Plow

    ACS V-Type Snow Plow

  • Switch Broom

    Switch Broom

  • Brush Cutter

    Brush Cutter

  • Tie Baler

    Tie Baler

  • Tie Grapple

    Tie Grapple

  • Rail Grapple

    Rail Grapple

  • Tote Hook

    Tote Hook

  • AAR Coupler

    AAR Car Coupler

  • Track Cleaning Bucket

    Track Cleaning Bucket

  • Snow Bucket

    Snow Bucket

  • Clamshell Bucket

    Clamshell Bucket

  • Cribbing Bucket

    Cribbing Bucket

  • ACS General Purpose Bucket

    ACS General Purpose Bucket

  • Loader Bucket

    Loader Bucket

  • Back Filler Blade

    Back Filler Blade

  • Backhoe