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Power pack
When using secondary loading the wrapper needs oil- and power supply. This can be realized via a standard tractor or via a stationary power pack.

Remote control
By using the infrared remote control the wrapper can be controlled from distance. Divers functions can be activated. When working automatically the complete process runs trough after activation via the remote control. It is also possible to start each operation individual.

Square bale turntable
A secure and consistent overlap of film is crucial to secure maximum nutrient value for your cattle after storage time. The turntable is equipped with 2 pair of steel rollers which provide a deep and stable cradle for the bale. The steel rollers are mechanical driven and easy to reach for inspection and maintenance. Due to this mechanical drive the secure and consistent overlap is assured.
In addition conical bale support rollers provide in maximum stability and guidance.

Hydraulic film cutter
The fully automatic hydraulic film cutter has a long stroke to accommodate various bale lengths. It is activated when the turntable unloads the bale. The film is firmly held and cut without any extra controls to operate.

2-handle cable control
Controlling the wrapper manual could not be easier. Only two levers control the complete process. The levers can be mounted in the cab or at the wrapper itself. By adding a bale-and-wrap counter and autostop function the manual version will become semi-automatic controlled wrapper. The bale-and-wrap counter helps the operator by counting film layers and the total number of wrapped bales. The autostop function will automatically stop the wrapping table after the total number of film layers are applied.

Computer control box
Fitting the wrapper with a computer control, the complete process is atomized. Pre-set the requested number of film layers and activate the wrapping process by a touch on a button. All needed information can be found in the control box and adjusted to various demands and/or local conditions.


Weight approx. (kg) 1020
Bale dimension square (Width x Heigth x Length ) (m) 0.80 x (0.60-0.90) x 1.80
Bale dimension round (Width x diameter) (m) (1.20 x 1.50) x (1.00 x 1.50)
Max bale weight (kg) 1200
Oil consumption (l/min) 26
Remote control Standard
1 x pre-stretcher 750mm film Standard
Control type Manual 2 lever/cable controlled or computer controlled
Loading system External