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Film Cutters

Once the desired number of film layers have been applied, the film is then held firmly and cut. On the turntable wrapper models, a spring-loaded or hydraulic high-grip film cutter holds and cuts the film automatically without the need for extra controls. On Kuhn satellite wrappers, the well-known “scissor-type” cutters hold and cut the film. Due to its design, the film is caught across the full width. The film is held with a clamp, gathered into one solid rope and then cut before the bale is unloaded. The clamp firmly holds the film ready for the next bale.

Low-Profile Chassis Design

The Kuhn trailed turntable wrappers have a unique low-profile design ideal for stability when loading, wrapping or unloading a bale. The rear axle position results in a low table height eliminating the need for an active fall damper. There is constant weight transfer to the tractor that prevents up-and-down movements of the drawbar and prevents tractor wheel slippage when driving uphill with a bale on the table or loading arm. The bale can be dropped on the go for maximum output.


The standard pre-stretchers which hold a 30” roll, are made of aluminum to avoid build-up of tack from the film. Both outer ends of the aluminum rollers are cone-shaped to maintain the optimum width of the film and reduce the risk of film tear. The special ribbed profile of the aluminum rollers keeps air and water away from the film. The location of the pre-stretchers makes it very easy to change the film rolls. The standard pre-stretch of 70% is reached by a low-maintenance and low noise gear transmission.


Besides a standard single stretch, Kuhn introduces the RW 10 series with patented e-Twin system for excellent, cost efficient, fast wrapping. The innovative e-Twin technology enables wrapping via a unique combined pre-stretcher design with patented film distribution to save 50% on wrapping time and further film savings. The conical pre-stretch rollers have been positioned in such a way that the two 30” film wraps with 2/3 overlap are glued together providing a double layer before they leave the pre-stretcher unit. Optional on some of the wrappers is the auto film layer correct kit. The correct kit detects and empty or torn film roll and adjusts the required amount of table rotations to cover the bale with the required amount of layers.

AutoLoad Function

The Kuhn RW 1610 can load and carry a second bale in the loading arm during wrapping. The C model, with integrated AutoLoad function has increased overall loading, wrapping capacity and efficiency. The patented AutoLoad function enables the operator to fully concentrate on the driving process, while the wrapping process is automatically started once the bale has been detected on the loading arm. Picking up a second bale with the loading arm, during the wrapping process for transport, is fully automated.


Bale dimension round (Width x diameter) (m) 1.25 x (1 x 1.50)
Max bale weight (kg) 1000
Loading Loading Arm
Wrapping table 4 belts and 2 rollers
Control Manual 3 lever/cable controlled or computer controlled
1 x pre-stretcher 750mm film As standard (e-Twin as compulsory choice)
Weight (kg) 875