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New Cone-Style Auger & Kicker Design

New cone-style augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The smooth, continuous auger flighting creates a rolling feed action that improves mixing. The top cover of the auger has a steep angle to aid in bale movement when processing round bales and to stop feed from sitting on top of the auger between mixes. The straight bolt-on kicker provides more feed movement during mixing and a more even discharge. Each lead flight is equipped with a cast iron scraper that brings material away from the tub walls into the auger for a better overall mix. Both the kicker and scraper are a bolt-on attachment, making replacement very easy to save you precious time.

Oil Cooling & Filtration System

To best protect the planetaries through higher-duty cycles and greater mixer throughput, an oil cooling and filtration system is supplied as standard. This system ensures longer oil life, less maintenance on planetaries due to extended oil change intervals, and longer life of the planetaries. A variable-speed fan is controlled by a temperature switch so it will only run when necessary to extend the life of the fan and conserve energy.

Powershift Transmission

The 2-speed powershift gearbox shifts on-the-go for faster, more consistent feed delivery without having to stop the PTO. Speeds can be switched using a wireless remote, while the PTO is still engaged for a faster and easier mixing experience regardless of whether the operator is in the tractor or loader. Startup is in low speed and is recommended for processing and mixing materials. High speed is recommended for a fast and even cleanout.

Multiple Door Options

The VXL 100 Series trailed models offer a rear door standard with the option of a front door, two side doors on either side, or all four doors for increased flexibility and versatility to fit your unique feeding situation. The front discharge is equipped with a flat chain and slat conveyor that has left- and right-hand capabilities, while the side discharge uses a simple, fixed slide tray.

Stationary Configuration Available

For operations looking to maximize feeding efficiency and mixer throughput, the VXL 100 Series is also available in a stationary configuration. Stationary mixers are ideal for producers with centralized feed storage and multiple mixers running throughout the day. By incorporating centralized mixing, one loader operator is often able to keep multiple mixers constantly running, greatly increasing mixing capacity and reducing labor.


Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 1800
Number of augers 3
Overall height - no extensions (in) 140
Overall width - without options (in) 118
Tread width (in) 115
Weight (lb) 38400
Maximum load (lb) 58740