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Polydrive® System

The feed rotor is driven by the Polydrive belt-drive system with hydraulic engagement, which requires little power at startup. This design allows the turbine to act like a flywheel, providing the feed rotor with enough power to efficiently process more difficult products.

Feed Rotor

Driven by the Polydrive® system, the feed rotor operates at 400 rpm allowing material to be pulled from the bale without over-cutting. This high speed reduces the risk of wrapping long-stranded products and delivers uniform material length and consistency.

Blower Turbine

A 60” blower that utilizes two different blade lengths produces a variable discharge that evenly disperses material for uniform coverage. The two-speed drive used when feeding reduces power consumption.

Swivel Discharge

The versatile swivel discharge will discharge to the left, right or rear of the Primor, allowing use in difficult-to-access areas. Controlled from the tractor, bedding can be blown up to 42’ through a full 300° range.


Linkage 3-point mounted cat 2
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 2
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 76
Number of feed rotors 1 (POLYDRIVE)
Blower style Turbine
Overall width (m) 1.88
Overall width (feet) 6'2"
Overall length (m) 2.89
Overall length (feet) 9'6"
Length behind feed rotor (m) 1.35
Weight (kg) 1400
Weight (lb) 3086
Maximum blowing distance (m) 18
Maximum blowing distance (feet) 60
Number of round bales (diameter 1.50 m) loaded 1
Number of round bales (diameter 1.80 m) loaded 1
Number of square bales (up to 2.70 m) loaded 1
Minimum power requirement for PTO - haylage / straw (kW) 66 / 66
Minimum power requirement for PTO - haylage / straw (hp) 90 / 90
PTO speed (rpm) 540