Kuhn EXCELERATOR 8000-30

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Excalibur Blade

With their distinctive scalloped edge, Excalibur® blades capture and slice residue into planter-manageable sizes. This exclusive 32-flute design easily penetrates soil, creates small clod size and begins the mixing process of soil and residue.

Adjustable Gang Angle

Varying soil movement and residue mixing is attained by adjusting the gangs from 1 degree (maximum residue retention) to 5 degrees (maximum soil movement, leveling and residue mixing). These shallow angle settings prevent soil smearing, distinguishing the Excelerator’s performance from competitive units based on older disc harrow technology with gang angles typically from 10 degrees to 22 degrees.

Mix and Anchor

Exclusive to Kuhn Krause, rotary Star Wheels™ aggressively mix soil and residue, pulverize large clods, remove soil from disturbed root balls and anchor residue into the soil surface. This action protects residue from blowing winds or washing rains, and begins the decomposition of residue into valuable organic matter.

This critical component also assists in breaking out any remaining uncut soil between blade paths, providing a smooth, even surface for planter row units to place seeds consistently in the seed zone. Star Wheel™ gangs are spring cushioned to contour over varying field conditions, provide a uniform finish, and evenly distribute residue across the soil surface.

24/7 Soil Conditioning Reel

The proven 24/7® soil conditioning reel delivers clod sizing and firming for this high-speed operation. Available with flat blades for maximum clod sizing in hard soil conditions or round bars for increased soil firming in loamy soil conditions, this effective component produces a superior finish in any field.

The 24/7 reel also has the ability to ‘float’ with a simple in-field adjustment, allowing continued operation in wetter soil moisture conditions.


Working width (m) 9,1
Working width (feet) 30'
Working width (m) 6.1
Working width (feet) 20
Number of wheels 8
Number of star wheels 93
Number of bearing arms 24
Number of blades 93
Blade size (cm) 55.88
Blade size (in) 22"
Transport width (m) 4.6
Transport width (feet) 15' 3"
Transport Height (m) 4.1
Transport Height (feet) 13' 6"
Number of sections 3
Frame type Folding
Weight (kg) 9298
Weight (lb) 20500
Maximum working depth (cm) 8.9
Working depth (max.) (inches) 3.5"
Tractor Power (kW) between 179 and 224
Tractor Power (hp) between 240 and 300