Kuhn GLADIATOR 1205-1630

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ST-PRO™ Row Units

Designed for tough residue situations, the ST-PRO row units develop a uniform residue-free strip with precise, consistent tillage depth control. Most importantly, these row units require no daily maintenance and no wrenches to make adjustments. Using PolyLube® bushings, which have a proven life in construction and agricultural applications, pivots are protected with composite self-lubricating material.

ST-PRO S/R (Spring Reset Shown)

1. Cut Residue – Independent coulter system offers continuous residue cutting through the life of the 25” coulter
2. Clear Residue – Row cleaners consistently clear residue using floating 16” notched blades
3. Easy Shank Depth Adjustment – No tools required. Easy wrenchless adjustments fine-tune shank depth from 6” to 12” in 1” increments.
4. Precise Fertilizer Placement – Exclusive DROP ZONETM Nutrient Placement System offers the flexibility to adjust fertilizer placement depths from field to field
5. Create the Berm – Closing blades are easily adjusted for various residue conditions while capturing loosened soil to create a uniform berm
6. Nonstop Soil Conditioner – Patented STRIK’R® conditioner utilizes innovative chain reel technology to break clods without destroying the berm

Fertilizer Application Options

Liquid Fertilizer
A 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank with saddle and wash station is available from Kuhn Krause for pull-type machines

Dry Fertilizer
Dry fertilizer systems are manufactured by Montag Manufacturing, available through Kuhn Krause.

Gen I – 6- or 9-ton fertilizer tank.

Gen II – 9 ton allows 2 different types of fertilizer to be mixed together and placed in the row. Fertilizer is individually metered from the two 4.5 ton tanks on a per row basis to ensure consistent application rate across the width of the machine. Fertilizer rates may be adjusted independently of each other manually or by GPS, when combined with an appropriate controller with variable rate capabilities. When equipped with the new twin tank system, Kuhn Krause will supply the Gen II as a single section unit with all rows being switched on and off together. As an option, the machine may be specified with 2 sections to reduce fertilizer overlap at point rows and when working around obstacles by switching either half of the machine on and off independently of the other half.


Working width (m) 12,2
Working width (feet) 40
Number of rows 16
Row spacing (cm) 76
Row spacing (in) 30
Number of wheels 8
Transport width (m) 6.8
Transport width (feet) 22'1"
Transport Height (m) 3.7
Transport Height (feet) 12'4"
Frame type Folding
Weight (kg) 9979
Weight (lb) 22000
Minimum working depth (cm) 15.2
Maximum working depth (cm) 30.4
Working depth (min.) (inches) 6
Working depth (max.) (inches) 12
Tractor Power (kW) between 238 and 294
Tractor Power (hp) between 320 and 400