Kuhn LANDSMAN 6205-24

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Single-Point Depth Control

Single-point depth control lets you set depth from one convenient point. Screw type adjustment allows fine tuning of working depth for precise seed bed conditions.

Exclusive Excalibur® Blades

Exclusive Kuhn Krause Excalibur blades with their 32-flute edge uniformly size residue for smooth flow through the machine. The 8-degree, rear-angled gang minimizes lateral soil movement to improve the leveling action of the shanks.

Cultivator Shanks

Cultivator shanks provide thorough mixing action, dislodge weeds and settle soil. The Landsman offers a choice of 7" for smaller clod sizing and more residue coverage or 9" spacing for maximum residue handling capabilities.

Harrow Systems

Tine or spike harrows provide excellent clod breaking and leveling action. Choose the harrow system that best fits your cropping practice.

24/7® Conditioning Reel

Enhance seedbed conditions with the exclusive Kuhn Krause 24/7 conditioning reel. Accomplish final clod sizing and soil firming with the ability to select a range of constant downpressure or float position to extend the weather/tillage window.


Working width (m) 5.5
Working width (feet) 24'
Frame type Folding
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 160
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 216
Weight (lb) 9735
Working width (m) 7,4
Working width (feet) 18
Number of discs 24
Number of discs 32
Disc diameter (cm) 50,8
Disc diameter (in) 20"
Number of wheels 8
Number of Shanks 33
Shanks spacing (cm) between 17,8 and 22,9
Shanks spacing (in) 7" or 9"
Transport width (m) 3.7
Transport width (feet) 12'
Transport Height (m) 3.8
Transport Height (feet) 12' 6"
Number of sections 3
Weight (kg) 5644
Weight (lb) 12442
Tractor Power (kW) between 125 and 160
Tractor Power (hp) between 168 and 216