Kuhn EL 402 R-600

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Stress-Free Operation

The EL 402 R power tiller is designed for intensive use in tight tillage windows. It is essential to be trouble-free if you want to get the job finished on time.
Six sensors continuously monitor gearbox temperature and rotation speed. The operator is notified by the in-cab terminal if there is an excessively high gearbox temperature or if the cutout clutches have been tripped.

Adjustments Made From the Cab

Every field is different. To obtain the same high standards across these differences, it is important to be able to adjust the machine quickly and easily, in real time.
That’s why the rear hood crumbling intensity and working depth are hydraulically adjustable from the tractor cab.

Perfect Leveling

In order to provide perfect leveling between two rows, the rollers work a wider area than the width covered by the blades, 21’6”. The junction of the rollers is offset by 4” (10 cm) in relation to the two rotors so that the central area of the machine is perfectly even. This way the entire tilled pass is smooth.

DuraKUHN CultiRotor Blades

The DuraKUHN CultiRotor blades can be adapted for intensive use in the most difficult of conditions. These blades are heat treated for extreme longevity while out in the field. The blades are also 10 mm thick and are counter flange reinforced.

MaxiPacker Roller

These rollers are offset compared to the rotors, which allows for any ridge creation by the rotors to be smoothed out, thus producing perfect soil leveling.


Working width (m) 6.18
Gearbox Single-speed
Rotor diameter (mm) 600
Number of tools 144
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 220
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 300
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 294
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 400
Type of tools Cultirotor with blades + counter flanges
Transmission Cut-out clutch on side gearboxes
Weight with Maxipacker roller (kg) 4470
Monitoring unit KTS 20 : Gearbox temperature and cut-out monitoring