Kuhn RPR 4830-740F

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Designed for deep tillage with strength and durability in mind, the 4830 standard Category III 3-point hitch is integrated into a two bar frame design with main members of heavy-duty 6”x 6” structural steel tubing.

Drawbar Pull-Type Hitch
Equipped with four 11L x 15’’, 8-ply tires, the drawbar hitch provides excellent field flotation and depth control.

Drawbar Pull-Type Hitch with Rear Lift
Equipped with four 11L x 15, 8-ply tires, the drawbar hitch connects the large frame ripper to high horsepower tractors and provides rear lift of the machine.


Heavy-duty 22’’ diameter x ¼’’ thick coulters are standard equipment on each row of all 4830 In-Line Rippers. These rugged coulters feature 450 pounds of down-pressure to slice through the toughest crop residues. Coulter hubcaps are secured with metal retainers to ensure bearing protection.

Shank Mounts

Rigid, shear-bolt mounts are an economical choice for soils where rocks or other obstacles are not a concern. Shear-bolt protection guards against shank damage from unexpected obstacles.

Spring Reset
Spring reset recommended for field conditions where obstacles or rocks may be encountered. Spring steel shank arms are designed to allow side-to-side movement of the shank without damaging or bending the shank mount.

Exclusive pivoting design allows the shank to deflect up to 6 degrees on each side for a total of 12 degrees of movement.

MRD (Minimum Residue Disturbance) Shanks, Points and Wings

Choose from a variety of MRD shank points and wings to achieve optimum residue level and surface appearance.

No-Till Shank, Points and Wings

The no-till point and 8’’ wing break up compacted soil layers while the narrow ¾’’ shank slips through the soil leaving up to 86% residue on the surface. With replaceable wear parts, this no-till design offers operation cost saving versus competitors.

Additional Features

Gauge Wheels
Ratchet-jack adjustable depth gauge wheels are standard equipment on the 4830. These 20.5’’ x 8’’ load range E tires on 5-bolt hubs maintain uniform depth in varying field surfaces.

No-Till Closing Wheel Attachment
Designed to limit soil blowout, closing wheels move independently maintaining constant soil contact close to the shank. Closing wheels are easily adjustable for depth and down-pressure.


Working width (m) 7
Working width (feet) 23' 4"
Number of coulters 7
Coulter size (cm) 55.88
Coulter size (in) 22"
Number of wheels 2
Number of Shanks 7
Shanks spacing (cm) 101
Shanks spacing (in) 40"
Transport width (m) 3.5
Transport width (feet) 11' 5"
Number of sections 3
Frame type Folding
Weight (kg) between 1950 and 2585
Weight (lb) between 4300 and 5700
Minimum working depth (cm) 20.3
Maximum working depth (cm) 40.6
Working depth (min.) (inches) 8"
Working depth (max.) (inches) 16"
Tractor Power (kW) between 157 and 209
Tractor Power (hp) between 210 and 280