Kuhn LANDSAVER 4810-13

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Depth Control

- Blade depth is conveniently controlled with the crank-adjustable depth stop located at the front of the machine
- View working depth on the easy-to-read scale


- Constant-flow, hydraulic down-pressure system allows you to set down-pressure to match conditions
- 22"‚ 1/4" “ smooth blades on 8" spacing, with new PEER® TILLXTREMETM maintenance-free bearings


- Choice of shear-bolt or K2000 Spring Reset shanks on 16" spacing
- K2000 Spring Reset shanks feature new mount 2,000-pound point load and 15" trip height, 32" underframe clearance
- Shear-bolt shanks offer 12" maximum working depth with 32" underframe clearance


A wide variety of points are available from Kuhn Krause for the LANDSAVER® Coulter Chisel, depending on soil type, residue levels and desired soil disturbance. For excellent penetration, two-inch reversible straight points cut through compaction.
Three-inch reversible one piece twisted shovels also perform great soil penetration while mixing residue with soil.
Four-inch reversible one piece twisted shovels provide maximum soil and residue interaction for maximum breakdown and organic matter generation.

Optional Star WheelsTM Treaders

- Star Wheel Treaders are individually mounted to Rock-Flex C-Arms
- Hydraulically adjustable parallel linkage depth control with spring down-pressure protection


Working width (m) 6,1
Working width (feet) 17' 4"
Number of coulters 25
Coulter size (cm) 56
Coulter size (in) 22"
Number of wheels 4
Number of Shanks 13
Shanks spacing (cm) 41
Shanks spacing (in) 16"
Transport width (m) 4.6
Transport width (feet) 15'3"
Transport Height (m) 2.9
Transport Height (feet) 9'7"
Number of sections 3
Type of folding Hydraulic
Frame type Folding
Weight (kg) 6845
Weight (lb) 16360
Minimum working depth (cm) 15.2
Maximum working depth (cm) 30.4
Working depth (min.) (inches) 6"
Working depth (max.) (inches) 12"
Tractor Power (kW) between 165 and 242
Tractor Power (hp) between 221 and 325