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Shanks Improve Soil Tilth

Split the middle shank pattern is achieved with two ranks of shanks on 18" spacing. This provides maximum soil fracture and non-stop operation in heavy residue.

Manager Positions Residue for Positive Cutting

Optional residue manager wheels position stalks and residue laterally, just ahead of the coulters for positive cutting.

Ultra-large Coulters Cut Residue

Coulter module features ultra-large 25" diameter coulters on 9" spacing for improved residue cutting vs. discs. Coulter gangs are mounted with rock-flex bearing arms for added protection, and operate on a constant flow hydraulic pressure system for continuous residue cutting.

Disc Conditioner Reduces Clod Size and Levels

Disc conditioner system is hydraulically adjustable to meet varying surface residue requirements. 24" diameter smooth front disc blades on 18" spacing cut clods and provide initial leveling. 24" diameter fluted rear blades on 12" spacing further reduce clod size and level the soil surface. Discs feature individual rock-flex mounts for protection with rear mounts reversed to shed residue for non-stop performance. A new angular bearing cartridge in each rear disc conditioner assembly offers enhanced reliability.

24/7® Conditioning Reel

he optional 24/7 conditioning reel accomplishes final clod sizing and soil firming. In the float position, the reel applies 30 to 40 pounds of pressure. Constant spring pressure is adjustable from 60 to 100 pounds.

Additional Features

Optional cast clevis hitch attached with a ball pivot to prevent wear on the cast clevis from drawbar contact.

Standard Guardian Hitch guards against stress on the tractor drawbar and implement frame. Lateral drawbar forces are transferred through the hitch pivot where shock load from steering input is dampened by urethane blocks.

Single-Point Depth Control
Shank depth is controlled conveniently with the crank-adjustable depth stop located at the front of the machine. View working depth on the easy to read scale.

Heavy-Duty Walking Beams
Walking beams allow for consistent working depth on rough ground and more stable road transport. All Dominators feature heavy-duty hubs with slip-in wheel spindles, secured by a single bolt for easy maintenance.

Heavy-duty metric tires mounted on 2-3/4’’ spindles are standard on the center section of the 11- and 13-shank machines and optional on the 7- and 9-shank machines.


Working width (feet) 13' 6"
Working width (m) 4.1
Coulter size (cm) 63.5
Coulter size (in) 25"
Number of tines 19
Number of Shanks 9
Shanks spacing (cm) 45.7
Shanks spacing (in) 18"
Number of Subsoil Shanks 5
Number of Chisel Shanks 4
Transport width (m) 4.8
Transport width (feet) 15' 9"
Transport Height (m) 1.9
Transport Height (feet) 6' 6"
Number of sections 1
Frame type Rigid
Weight (lb) 15162
Weight (kg) 6877
Maximum working depth (cm) 40.6
Minimum working depth (cm) 20.3
Working depth (min.) (inches) 8"
Working depth (max.) (inches) 16"
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 261
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 350