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Frame Design

The Kuhn Krause 7300 Disc Harrow is constructed of massive 6" x 6" main members to provide strength and rigidity. The one-piece center frame rocker shaft eliminates the need for linkages between rockers and the overlapping gang design provides a level field finish.

Single Location Remote Depth Control

Single location remote depth control, conveniently located at the front of the disc, makes it easy to fine-tune depth adjustments. Return to the same depth after each pass or change depth from field to field in a matter of seconds. The sight gauge makes depth setting more convenient.

Rock-Flex Bearing Arms

Kuhn Krause 7300 Rock-Flex Disc Harrow models feature C-arm type bearing hangers to "flex" over stones and protect components from damage in rocky fields. Dual scrapers are positioned at Rock-Flex arm locations for maximum residue deflection.


The 7300 Disc Harrow features 22’’ diameter blades, 6’’ ductile iron spools with 17-degree front and rear gang angle. Choose from the Class I seedbed finishing model with 7-3/4’’ narrow blade spacing or the Class II all-purpose model with wide 9-1/8’’ blade spacing. Rear gangs feature tapered blades to eliminate ridging. Bolt-on extension spool and furrow filler blade are standard equipment on 7300 discs.

Walking Tandem Wheels

Walking tandem wheels allow for consistent working depth on rough ground and more stable road transport.

Wing Wheels

Wing wheels feature a forward action rotating close to the front gangs for precise depth control and reduced gouging in terraced or rolling conditions. This Kuhn Krause design advantage limits the need for optional front gauge wheels.


Working width (m) between 9,7 and 9,5
Working width (feet) 31'8" or 31'1"
Number of discs between 102 and 86
Disc diameter (cm) 55,8
Disc diameter (in) 22"
Disc Spacing (cm) between 19,7 and 23,2
Disc Spacing (in) 7.75" or 9.125"
Number of wheels 8
Number of bearing arms 26
Transport width (m) 5
Transport width (feet) 16' 4"
Transport Height (m) 4.3
Transport Height (feet) 14' 2"
Number of sections 3
Frame type Folding
Weight (kg) between 5521 and 5721
Weight (lb) between 12172 and 12613
Tractor Power (kW) between 138 and 207
Tractor Power (hp) between 186 and 279