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Disc Gangs

The KUHN Krause 8315 tandem disc harrow offers a choice between 24’’ or 26’’, ¼’’ thick Residue Razor™ disc blades spaced 9’’ or 10’’ apart on the front gang and 10’’ apart on the rear gang. Heavy-duty, ductile iron spools with a 7” diameter bell multiply the strength of the gang. The 22-degree gang angle on the front and 19-degree gang angle on the rear allow for optimum residue cutting and mixing in primary tillage conditions.

Residue Razor™ disc blades are engineered to provide long wear life and sharpness - up to 5 times sharper than conventional blades.

Single-Point Depth Control

Adjust working depth across the entire disc from a single location with just one convenient crank at the front of the disc. Fine tune depth using the indicator decal - five turns changes the operating depth by one inch. Return to the same depth after each pass or change depth in the field in a matter of seconds.

Walking Tandems

Standard on all KUHN Krause 8315 disc harrows, heavy-duty walking beams with new metric tires allow for consistent working depth on rough ground and more stable road transport. Walking beams have slip-in spindles and heavy-duty hubs. Walking beam pivots require no daily grease maintenance or adjustment for preload.

No Daily Grease Maintenance

PEER® TillXtremebearings, incorporated into disc gang assemblies, require no daily grease maintenance. An exclusive, KUHN Krause two-piece, nylon outer ring absorbs shock loads and helps center the bearing within the housing, preventing bearing preload and premature failure of the disc gang bearing.


Working width (m) 7,5
Working width (feet) 24' 7"
Number of discs between 66 and 62
Disc diameter (cm) between 61 and 66
Disc diameter (in) 24" or 26"
Disc Spacing (cm) between 22,9 and 25,4
Disc Spacing (in) 9" or 10"
Number of wheels 8
Number of bearing arms between 20 and 22
Transport width (m) 4.3
Transport width (feet) 14' 1"
Transport Height (m) 3.6
Transport Height (feet) 11' 11"
Number of sections 3
Frame type Folding
Weight (kg) between 6608 and 7095
Weight (lb) between 14570 and 15642
Tractor Power (kW) between 149 and 186
Tractor Power (hp) between 200 and 250