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Disc Coulters

Fitted with non-stop security for the Vari-Lander, the disc coulters are available in plain or notched form. The discs ensure a clean cut in front of the plow bottom giving a clean furrow wall and improving the trash incorporation of the moldboard. The discs are adjustable in two dimensions: height and side to side.

Hydraulic Steering

The rear wheel is steered by a hydraulic cylinder slaved to a headstock mounted master cylinder. Complete and precise steering control is achieved with a minimum of wearing parts for a long and trouble free service life. A pair of large capacity accumulators cushions shock loads on the steering system allowing the operator to even back over dead furrows without worry.

Multiple Moldboard Options

N Moldboard
V Slastted Moldboard
HC Slatted Moldboard

The N bottom with a cylindrical front and helicoidal rear offers high versatility with a low draught requirement. Giving a well formed plow furrow, the H bottom is well adapted to heavy clay soils. The Slatted V comprises independent and interchangeable slats. The slats serve to reduce blocking in sticky soil conditions.

Variable Width System

Available exclusively from Kuhn, the variable width mechanism is enclosed inside the plow beam. All linkages and pivot points are in this way protected from damage and wear caused by impact, dirt and corrosion.

Depth and Steering Control

In the work position, the wheel works “on land” for optimal performance and minimum soil compaction. The wheel is situated on the end for the best possible weight distribution and increased traction at the tractor wheels. In the transport position the width is limited to an easy to manage 8.2’. The rear wheel is steered hydraulically by the headstock to follow all tractor maneuvers.


Number of bodies 4.7
Maximum authorized tractor power (kW) 155
Maximum Authorized Tractor Power (hp) 240
Safety Non Stop Hydraulic
Plowing width (inches) 11 to 22
Under-beam clearance (cm) 87
Under-beam clearance (inches) 34.25"
Point-to-point clearance (cm) 115
Point-to-point clearance (inches) 45"
Beam section (mm) 220
Beam section (inches) 8.5"
Type of bodies Any classic type