Kuhn VARI-MASTER 183 NSH - 5 bodies

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Optidrive Headstock

Both the tractor and plow are protected from wear as the vertical travel range absorbs shocks during maneuvers. The suspension adapts to the weight of the different plows by changing the pressure on the Optidrive hydraulic system. While plowing, the Optidrive system is automatically locked to monitor the tractor’s efforts. The suspension is active in headlines, protecting both the tractor and the plow. Switching from working to transport is easy and does not require adjustment or unhitching of the top link, thanks to the moveable double frame.

Front Furrow Width/Angling

The front furrow width is adjusted to its optimum setting according to the tractor linkages and ground conditions. Because of the parallelogram of the two linkages, any adjustment in front furrow width automatically adjusts the angling of the plow, allowing the tractor to always pull in perfect line. Adjustments are quickly carried out by simply adjusting the turnbuckle of by activating the hydraulic cylinder. One adjustment is sufficient unlike conventional systems where the front furrow width and the plow alignment are separated. With the conventional system as one adjustment interacts with the other, several successive adjustments are necessary.

Multiple Moldboard Options

N Moldboard
V Slastted Moldboard
HC Slatted Moldboard

The N bottom with a cylindrical front and helicoidal rear offers high versatility with a low draught requirement. Giving a well formed plow furrow, the H bottom is well adapted to heavy clay soils. The Slatted V comprises independent and interchangeable slats. The slats serve to reduce blocking in sticky soil conditions.

Trash Burial Options


ZH Skimmer
ZRL Skimmer

The Master 103 Series has three different trash burial options: the trashboard, helicoidal ZH skimmer and the ZRL high-capacity skimmer. The trashboard is ideal for trash burial in difficult conditions where the quantity of trash may otherwise block up the skimmers. The helicoidal skimmer is for deep trash burial and is well adapted to grasslands and fields with cover crops. The ZRL is a high-capacity skimmer for trash incorporation throughout the soil profile and is excellent with straw and corn trash burial.

Depth and Steering Control

In the work position, the wheel works “on land” for optimal performance and minimum soil compaction. The wheel is situated on the end for the best possible weight distribution and increased traction at the tractor wheels. In the transport position the width is limited to an easy to manage 8.2’. The rear wheel is steered hydraulically by the headstock to follow all tractor maneuvers.


Number of bodies 5
Maximum authorized tractor power (kW) 202
Maximum Authorized Tractor Power (hp) 275
Safety Non Stop Hydraulic
Plowing width (inches) 12 to 19
Under-beam clearance (inches) 31" / 80
Point-to-point clearance (inches) 38" / 96
Beam section (inches) 7" / 180
Type of bodies Any classic or diamond type bodies