Kuhn MASTER 103 NSH - 2 bodies

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Multiple Moldboard Options

H4 Moldboard
N Moldboard
VP Slatted Moldboard

The Master 103 Series can be equipped with H4, N or VP slatted moldboards. The H4, helicoidal, Scandinavian-type moldboard provides well-formed plowing to a normal depth range of 7-12”. Recommended for fall plowing, the H4 body is especially suited for heavy and damp clays. The helicoidal-cylindrical semi-digger N moldboard plows to a depth of 14”. Designed with a highly versatile body, it is cylindrical at front, helicoidal at rear. Recommended for spring plowing, this moldboard is versatile and works well in sandy or clay soils. The VP slatted moldboard composed of independent and interchangeable slats gives a reduction of traction force, due to a lower moldboard surface area. It is designed for use in extremely sticky muck and clay soils, not in sand or loam soils or soils with rocks.

Plow Leg Protection Options

Traction-Bolt Security
Non-Stop Hydraulic Reset

The Master Series allows you to customize your plow leg protection to best suit your working conditions with either traction-bolt security or non-stop hydraulic reset. A clean break of the traction bolt, following a force of 5,280 – 8,820 pounds at the plow point, avoids the risk of nuisance shearing. With the non-stop hydraulic reset, a rapid breakaway of the plow leg occurs when a field obstacle is met. Once the obstacle is passed there is an increase in pressure, bringing the body quickly and firmly back into working position. The system also acts as a shock absorber in rocky ground, increasing plow life.

Trash Burial Options


ZH Skimmer

ZRL Skimmer

The Master 103 Series has three different trash burial options: the trashboard, helicoidal ZH skimmer and the ZRL high-capacity skimmer. The trashboard is ideal for trash burial in difficult conditions where the quantity of trash may otherwise block up the skimmers. The helicoidal skimmer is for deep trash burial and is well adapted to grasslands and fields with cover crops. The ZRL is a high-capacity skimmer for trash incorporation throughout the soil profile and is excellent with straw and corn trash burial.

Monoblock Headstock and High-Strength Frame

Monoblock Headstock
High-Strength Frame

The monoblock headstock has simple adjustment of leveling by stops. Easy storage with built-in toolbox in headstock for models 3E/4NSH. The high-strength frame allows simplified adaptation to tractor wheel settings. Mechanical adjustment of plow angling (front furrow width).

Splined Drive Shafts

The splined shafts allow a strong, reliable torque transfer and provide easier sprocket alignment and maintenance.


MASTER 103 NSH - 2 bodies
Number of bodies 2
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 44
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 60
Safety Non Stop Hydraulic
Plowing width (inches) 14 and 16
Underbeam clearance (inches) 27.5" / 70
Point-to-point clearance (cm) -
Point-to-point clearance (inches) 35" / 90
Beam section (inches) 4" / 100
Type of bodies Any classic type