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No-Till Coulter
Each no-till coulter is indexed to the opener and utilizes 250 pounds of spring pressure to provide precision residue cutting for the seed opener. The 16" coulters, with 8" trip height, are laterally adjustable and swivel to track with the openers for contour seeding as well. The 5/16" 34 flute, general purpose coulters are ideal for most conditions, but are well suited for wet or high clay soils. 3/4" 25 flute coulters are available for drier, loamy soils.

Drive Wheels
Single front drive wheels are standard on 10'-15' units, and allow easy access and clear visibility of the transmission during operation. Left and right-hand drives are standard on 20' units. Additionally, a right-hand gauge wheel is optional for 10'-15' units. Optional dual tires are available for 13'-20' units.

Quick Change Transmission
Grain seeding rates are easily changed with the “Quick Change” transmission system. A simple pull of the idler lever and sliding sprockets is all that is required to adjust the seeding rates from as little as a few pounds to as much as 300 pounds per acre of selected crops.

Seeding Rate Charts
Seeding rate charts are located under the seed tank lid, and multiple drive settings provide versatility for all Kuhn Krause Drills.

Fertilizer Option
The dry fertilizer option provides a stainless steel tank floor and a 60% grain / 40% fertilizer split. The fertilizer cups are of the same non-corrosive material as the seed cups and offer years of trouble free operation. Many transmission speed combinations are available to finely tune the rate of fertilizer to the crop being planted.

Opener Performance
Even in heavy residue and tough soil conditions, the Kuhn Krause no-till grain drill cuts and penetrates to deliver seed precisely to the determined seeding depth. With 11 ½" staggered opener placement, the PRO opener is an excellent choice for mulch-till or no-till situations, and the HR PRO opener provides superior no-till performance in extreme conditions.

Adjusts from No-Till to Till
The 5200NT is specifically designed for no-till condition, but also offers the flexibility of operation in mulch-till or even conventional till conditions. Adjustments to the rear support wheels and hydraulic tongue can be made within a few minutes to allow the drill to go from heavy no-till conditions to tilled ground with ease without sacrificing seeding performance.

Press Wheel Options
Press wheel options include a 2" x 13" smooth and 2" x 13" single ribbed to press soil directly over the seed. The 3" x 13" single ribbed design works well in varying soil conditions and the rib’s creasing action allows soil crusting to crack open for easier seedling emergence. The 3" x 13" dual ribbed design firms soil on the sides of the seed with lighter pressure directly over the seed for easy emergence.

PRO - Precision Residue Opener
Uniform emergence and a strong plant stand begin with the precision seeding capabilities of Kuhn Krause grain drills featuring the exclusive Precision Residue Opener, or PRO OPENER.

- PRO openers feature a 4" x 12" chevron tread depth-gauging wheel mounted in front of the double disc opener for greater seed depth accuracy.
- No-till PRO openers feature a 3" x 14" crowned depth-gauging wheel to prevent soil and residue build-up in adverse conditions.
- 13 ½" double disc blades with 5/8" staggered leading edge for superior residue cutting.
- PRO-system design resists plugging by maintaining opener depth.
- Wide mount for long life and durability.
- 50% fewer pivot points than parallel link style openers.
- Wrench-less depth adjustment.
- 50% more accurate depth control than standard parallel link openers.
- Optional fertilizer placement

HR PRO - High Residue Precision Opener

The High Residue Precision opener, or HR PRO opener, offers the precise seeding depth control of the PRO opener with the added performance of superior operation in high residue situations.
The large 16" notched coulter blade slices through residue and provides necessary penetration for minimum-till to no-till conditions. The trailing 13 ½" disc blade manages placement depth for the seed.
HR PRO openers feature a ductile iron casting and blades with a 2 ½" staggered leading edge for exceptional performance. Spring loaded rotary scrapers are standard equipment to maintain operation in wet conditions. A choice of press wheel options are available to match your planting needs.
HR PRO openers also offer quick, simple, wrench-less depth adjustment by squeezing the press wheel adjustment arms and moving the press wheel depth cam to the desired depth. Increments of " are available ranging from ½" to 2 ½" of seeding depth.

- Front Mounted 3" x 14"crowned gauge wheel for superior seed depth control in varying soil and residue conditions.
- 16" notched and 13 ½" disc blades with 2 ½" staggered leading edge for excellent penetration through heavy residue.
- HR PRO-system design resists plugging by maintaining opener depth.
- Wide mount for long life and durability.
- 50% fewer pivot points than parallel link style openers.
- Wrench-less depth adjustment.
- 50% more accurate depth control than standard parallel link openers.


Row spacing (cm) 25 or 19
Working width (m) 3
Working width (feet) 10'
Working speed (km/h) 8-12
Number of rows 12 or 16
Row spacing (in) 10" or 7.5"
Number of openers 12 or 16
Opener diameter (cm) 34.3
Opener diameter (in) 13.5"
Maximum hopper capacity (l) 1128
Max Hopper Capacity (cu.ft.) 39.8
Seed/fertilizer capacity 60%/40%
Frame type Rigid
Number of wheels 3
Maximum Authorized Tractor Power (hp) 100
Maximum authorized tractor power (kW) 75
Transport width (m) 3.2
Transport width (feet) 10' 6"
Transport Height (m) 3
Transport Height (feet) 10'
Number of sections 1
Weight (kg) between 2844 and 3122
Weight (lb) between 6269 and 6884
Working speed (km/h) between 8 and 12
Working speed (m.p.h.) between 5 and 7