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Versatility in Material Handling

The continuously welded V-body tank will hold both wet and dry materials. The steep, slanted sides and twin-auger delivery design provide a consistent, even flow to the 15-hammer expeller discharge without bridging. These features allow the Slinger to handle the widest variety of materials compared to any spreader on the market, including soupy gutter manure, semi-solids, separated solids, compost, bedding pack, mulch products and many more. (Note: The SL 110 features a 12-hammer discharge)

Elimination of Material Bridging

The well-proven and exclusive twin-auger design eliminates material bridging. The raised right auger moves material rearward, while the left auger moves material forward toward the discharge door. This bidirectional movement prevents bridging and provides constant delivery of material to the swinging hammer discharge.

Adjustable Shroud

Adjustable shroud design provides full adjustment for optimal setting of the clearance between the shroud and hammers. Maintaining the proper clearance enhances the shearing performance of the hammers to provide a more consistent material flow, more even spreading and extends hammer life.

Easy Access Drive Compartment

The enclosure, with its single latch, allows simple inspection of drive components and easy access for any needed maintenance. Gas-charged cylinders hold the lid up and out of the way, while the wide opening allows convenient service.


Capacity (gallons) 1400
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 5.3
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 188
Auger diameter (left/right cm) 51/46
Auger diameter (left/right inch) 20/18
PTO speed (rpm) CV-540
PTO protection Torque disconnect
Overall tread width (cm) 246
Overall tread width (in) 97
Overall height (cm) 160
Overall height (in) 63
Overall width - without options (cm) 272
Overall width - without options (in) 107
Weight (kg) 2449
Weight (lb) 5400
Maximum load (kg) 5443
Maximum load (lb) 12000
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 67
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 90
Box type V-Type
Overall length (cm) 612
Overall length (in) 241
Number of hammers 15