Kuhn GF 5202 THA

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DigiDrive® Couplers

The DigiDrive contains forged steel fingers, case-hardened for improved wear resistance. Synchronization of rotational movement is outstanding both in work and in transport where the components are folded 180° to reduce the machine’s space requirement. The DigiDrive is a highly reliable system which requires very little maintenance - daily greasing is not necessary.

Small-Diameter Rotors

For those whose goal is to harvest the highest quality crop there are many advantages: work with a wide angle of attack while turning all of the crop, fast and uniform drying, complete crop inversion, unequalled crop distribution uniformity, exceptional ground adaptation, minimum distance to the center of gravity on mounted tedders for reduced lift requirements and reduced horsepower requirements.

Tine Length

The asymmetrical tine length with longer outer fingers has several advantages to bring the machine’s tedding quality to perfection. This allows the outer finger to touch the crop earlier compared to symmetrical tines. It also ensures more complete tedding, along borders and between the rotors where the tines overlap more in this sensitive area. Contacting the crop sooner means that the actual working width of each rotor is expanded and as a result the entire machine working width is expanded.

Minimized Maintenance

The rotor housings on the GF 5202 THA are made to last. They are supported by large diameter, double-row angular ball bearings. The thoroughly sealed rotor housing prevents lubricant leaks or introduction of contaminants. The robust mounting of housings to the edge of the rectangular frame maximizes strength and durability.

Simple Drawbar Attachment

The drawbar-style hitch of the GF 502 THA allows for simple and easy attachment compared to mounted and semi-mounted models.


Working width DIN (m) 5.2
Working width DIN (feet) 17'1"
Transport width (m) 2.9
Transport width (feet) 9'10"
Number of rotors 4
Number of tine arms per rotor 7
Linkage Drawbar
Tire type Superballoons 16 x 6.50 - 8
Drive DIGIDRIVE® multiple finger couplings
Weight approx. (kg) 530
Weight (lb) 1170