Kuhn GF 10802 T GII

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DigiDrive® Couplers

The DigiDrive contains forged steel fingers, case-hardened for improved wear resistance. Synchronization of rotational movement is outstanding both in work and in transport where the components are folded 180° to reduce the machine’s space requirement. The DigiDrive is a highly reliable system which requires very little maintenance - daily greasing is not necessary.

Transport Wheel

By locating the transport undercarriage in front of the rotors, only part of the weight is sustained by these central wheels, the rest is absorbed by the drawbar and the tractor. The transport axle and wheels are positioned at the front of the rotors and connected to the rotors by means of folding rods. At work, wheels are raised and do not hinder the tedding operation. At transport, rotors are simultaneously tilted frontwards when lowering the undercarriage.

Hydraulic Oblique Tedding

The hydraulic oblique tedding helps manage field edges and slopes as efficiently as possible. Simply activate a control valve and the machine is ready to work in oblique mode to the left or right.

Drawbar Hitch

The drawbar hitch is simply and easy to attach.

Folding System

The folding system allows the transport wheels to lower and combine with the rotors tilting forward. While in transport position, height is reduced, load distribution on the tractor is optimal and road transport at high speeds is ideal. The incredibly narrow transport width of 9’10” and the wide transport undercarriage combine for easy maneuverability and stable road transport.


Working width DIN (m) 8.7
Transport width (m) 3
Number of rotors 8
Number of tine arms per rotor 6
Linkage Trailed
Tire type 16 x 6.50 - 8 and 16 x 9.50 - 8 on the 2 central rotors
Drive DIGIDRIVE® multiple finger couplings
Weight approx. (kg) 1480