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Excellent Tedding Quality

The small-diameter rotors provide gentle forage tedding while avoiding incorporation of soil into the forage. The drying rate is maximized while wet clumps are minimized as a result of the uniform distribution.

DigiDrive® Couplers

The DigiDrive contains forged steel fingers, case-hardened for improved wear resistance. Synchronization of rotational movement is outstanding both in work and in transport where the components are folded 180° to reduce the machine’s space requirement. The DigiDrive is a highly reliable system which requires very little maintenance - daily greasing is not necessary.

Hydraulic Folding

The outer rotors pivot 180° and can be folded and unfolded hydraulically from the tractor cab. The machine folds vertically for safe and compact transport.

Consistent Crop Pickup

The asymmetrical tine finger length means both fingers tine the crop equally for a more consistent pickup. The outer finger engages earlier with the forage compare to symmetrical tines. This ensures a more even, complete tedding action.

Simple Adjustments

All adjustments are simple to make without the use of tools. This gets you in the field more quickly and your hay dry faster.


Working width DIN (m) 5
Working width DIN (feet) 16'5"
Transport width (m) 2.85
Transport width (feet) 9'4"
Number of rotors 4
Number of tine arms per rotor 6
Linkage 3 point - Cat. 1 + 2
Tire type Balloons 15 x 6.00-6
Drive DIGIDRIVE® multiple finger couplings
Weight approx. (kg) 505
Weight (lb) 1151