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Pickup Merger Design

With the pickup merger design, crop is not raked across the ground, but collected at the very place it was mowed or tedded, reducing leaf loss and soil incorporation into the crop. Fewer impurities and more leaves means increased feed value and a quality preserved forage. The MM 902 merger is designed to handle heavy crop and produces smooth and even windrows, allowing increased work output, reduced driver stress and less wear of harvesting machinery.

Skid Shoes

The pickup heads are each supported by two massive skid shoes, giving the MM 902 merger a large footprint on the ground. The skid shoes are hydraulically adjustable to easily adapt the ground pressure to varying conditions and soil types. Additionally, it ensures that its weight is spread over a large area. This ultimately minimizes soil compaction, avoids rutting of the field surface in soft conditions and reduces shock load on the machine as much as possible in hard soil conditions.

Windguard System

To ensure a windrow of even density without knots or ropes of crop, the MM 902 merger features a patented crop guiding system. The windguard tines guide the crop from the pickup onto the belt. This ensures that it is delivered onto the belt exactly where it was collected from the field. It is not blown along the length of the machine or “bulldozed” and rolled by the pickups. By directing the crop onto the center of the belt, a uniform and fluffy windrow is formed.

Heavy-Duty Conveyors

Commercial grade, single-ply belt conveyors allow the crop to be effectively transitioned into the windrow, regardless of discharge side. The conveyor belt is self-cleaning and requires no tracking adjustments. The quick release tensioning system simplifies storage and improves belt life by making periodic adjustments easier and therefore, more likely to be made.

Multiple Delivery Options

With eight different delivery options, the Kuhn MM 902 is unique in its versatility. This flexible machine is able to deliver windrows either to the right, left or center. As a result, it is able to merge: cut forage, wide spread or in windrows, both light and heavy crop, able to gather 69’+ of crop in a single windrow (with a return pass) and is optimized for all types of forage.


Working width (m) 9.10
Swath width (m) 1.40 à 1.80
Control system Setting to transport/work position - Raking height adjustment - Windrow clearance position - Windrow delivery selections - Timer
Swath delivery 1 windrow: left or right side delivery or central delivery 2 windrows: 1/3-2/3 spread. central and to the side or outwards
Drive Hydraulic
Transport lenght (m) 7.1
Tire type 400/55x22.5
Transport Height (m) 3.9
Transport width (m) 3
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 103
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 140
Tractor hydraulic equipment 2 DE
Tractor electrical equipment 1 7-pin connector + 1 ISO 3-pin connector
Weight (kg) 7058