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Superior Productivity, Maneuverability and Operation

The unique, innovative unfolding system moves the rear wheels forward as the rake opens, reducing the overall length of the rake by up to seven feet. The shorter wheelbase improves maneuverability, allowing shorter turns on headlands for improved efficiency and productivity. The reduced wheelbase also provides easier turning and smoother operation when raking around corners.

Improved Crop Flow

Windguards improve performance in windy conditions. They also provide smoother crop flow along the raking wheels and increased capacity to move large amounts of heavy crop. The result is more uniform windrow formation for better harvesting.

Clean Raking

Individually-floating rake wheels with new long-travel rake suspension springs help ensure more uniform ground pressure throughout the range of flotation. The result is cleaner raking while preserving crop stubble.

Smooth Operation

Standard offset rear tandem axles pivot up and down 20 degrees for increased flotation to smooth the effects of rough terrain on the rake chassis. They also improve stability and tracking on hillsides.

Optimized Windrows

Independent flotation settings for the two rear rake wheels on each side allow them to be set heavier to handle larger volumes of crop. The angle of these wheels can also be adjusted to set the windrow width independent of the working width.

Additional Features

Quick, Easy Adjustments
The independent ground pressure adjustments for both the front and rear rake wheels, as well as the windrow width adjustment, are easily made with a few simple turns of the wrench that is provided with the rake.

Long Service Life
The heavy-duty frame, strengthened wheel-arm and tongue-extension flanges, upgraded caster wheel assemblies and reinforced tongue track provide outstanding durability and reliable service.

Easily Reconfigured
The expandable frame allows simple conversion from a base 14-wheel to a 16-wheel model. Dealers can stock and customers can purchase the base 14-wheel model and have the flexibility to change it to a 16-wheel machine to meet their needs.

Intermediate Support Wheels
The optional intermediate caster wheels provide additional support for the main rake beams in very difficult field conditions, particularly where holes and ruts are a problem, or when crossing irrigation pivot tracks.

“V” – Type Splitter Wheels
The “V-type” splitter wheel option uniformly splits hay in the center of the rake, ensuring that the entire crop is moved so it can be more easily picked up by the baler.


Rake Type High Capacity V-Rakes
Working width (inches) 25'
Working width (m) 7.5
Minimum Windrow Width (feet) 3'
Maximum Windrow Width (feet) 6'
Minimum Windrow Width (cm) 90
Maximum Windrow Width (cm) 183
Swath delivery Central - Opt. Windrow Turning
Number of Raking Wheels 12
Raking Wheel Diameter (m) 1.40
Raking Wheel Diameter (feet) 55"
Tire type 7.6L-15
Number of Tines per Wheel 40
Transport Height (m) 2
Transport Height (feet) 6'8"
Transport width (feet) 10'
Tractor hydraulic equipment 2 DBA
Weight (kg) 1965
Weight (lb) 4332