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New Hitch Design

The new hitch design allows for greater adjustment to more precisely match different tractor drawbar heights from 11" to 22". This design also minimizes hang down, preventing the crop from wrapping around the hitch.

Please note: The machine is equipped as standard with a clevis hitch. The ball hitch shown is available as an option.

Patented Lift Design

When the rake arms are lifted the front wheels lift first, then the rear wheels raise last. This results in properly raked row ends unlike competitive models. Rake arms also lift faster and more smoothly for increased productivity.

Raking Side Adjustment

A new easy-to-adjust handle saves you time when going back and forth from distant fields. Three adjustment positions include transport, right-side raking and standard, left- and right-side raking.

Rake Arm Flotation

The built-in mechanical rake arm float slot eliminates the requirement for the hydraulic float to be engaged on the tractor. The rake arms easily adapt to irregular field conditions.

Independent Windrow Width Adjustment

The windrow width can be adjusted independently of the overall raking width. This gives you the ability to tailor to specific volumes of crop or to match differing pickup widths. You can also rake at a steeper angle in heavier crops and maintain a narrow width, or rake at a flatter angle in thinner crops and form a wider windrow.


Rake Type Carted V-Rake
Working width (inches) 18'10"
Working width (m) 5.7
Minimum Windrow Width (feet) 3'
Maximum Windrow Width (feet) 7'
Minimum Windrow Width (cm) 91
Maximum Windrow Width (cm) 213
Swath delivery Central and Windrow Turning
Number of Raking Wheels 8
Raking Wheel Diameter (m) 1.40
Raking Wheel Diameter (feet) 55"
Tire type ST 205/75 D-15"
Number of Tines per Wheel 40
Transport Height (m) 2.5
Transport Height (feet) 8'3"
Transport width (m) 2.7
Transport width (feet) 8'10"
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 DBA
Weight (kg) 576
Weight (lb) 1270