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No Maintenance Required

The tine arm drive components are housed in a fully enclosed gearbox, where they are protected from dirt and dust, and do not require any special maintenance. For additional durability, the tine arm holders are fixed on both the upper and lower gear case covers.

Superior Raking Quality

The rotary rake provides gentle and clean raking at all speeds to produce a fluffy windrow without roping. With faster operation and drying speed, you’ll be able to put up a higher quality crop more quickly.

Increased Maneuverability

The nine tangential tine arms of the GA 3200 GT follow a cam profile that provides high clearance over the windrow. The drawbar style hitch allows for quick and easy attachment while increasing maneuverability.

For maximum maneuverability without PTO chatter the GA 3200 GT is fitted with a CV PTO as standard equipment. This allows the tightest turns in field corners without the worry of driveline chatter and wear.

Simple Adjustments

Tine height and level are easily adjusted to best match the crop and field conditions. The windrow width can be varied to match your crop conditions by moving the curtain in and out. The curtain height and the front to rear positioning can also be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

For optimum raking the tines should be set as low as needed to cleanly rake the crop without touching the ground. As stubble height varies, the height of the tines can also be adjusted.


Number of rotors 1
Working width (inches) 10'6"
Working width (m) 3.2
Number of tine arms per rotor 9
Number of tines per arm 3
Linkage Drawbar
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 15
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 20
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Weight (kg) 300
Weight (lb) 661
Clean swept width 7'3"
Clean swept width (m) 2.2
Rotor diameter 8'8"
Rotor diameter (m) 2.6
Transport width - arms removed 9'
Transport width - arms removed (m) 2.7