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Optimum Crop Quality

For quick drydown and optimum pickup, uniform and fluffy windrows are a necessity. Two features of Kuhn rotary rakes contribute to ideal windrow formation:

  1. Tine arms with a positive forward angle, pushing crop toward the point at which the rake delivers the forage into the windrow
  2. Fast tine raising at the very last moment and increased clearance before going over the windrow

Both features are the result of the double-curved, hyper-tangential mounted tine arms.

Superior Ground Adaptation

Four wheels close to the tines on each rotor and its 3D suspension make it easy to adapt to varying ground conditions. This also enables the rotors to run steadily over rough fields, in turns and on slopes.

Minimal Maintenance

The MasterDrive® GIII gearbox is virtually maintenance free, with only scheduled greasing of the tine arms required. This industry exclusive two-stage reduction drive makes it possible to include larger bull gears with more teeth for improved overall power transmission.

New features include:

  • Aluminum alloy housings
  • Optimized cam track – less force on the cam follower bearing
  • Larger follower bearing diameter – less rotation speed, less pressure on the cam
  • Tine arms with large-dimension bearings
  • Sturdier pivoting tine support shaft
  • Reinforced main shaft
  • Reinforced bolted mounting of the tine arms on tine holders

Easy Adjustments

The windrow width and working height are easy to adjust. Overall width and working width can be easily adjusted from the tractor seat to adapt to varying field conditions or harvesting equipment. Working height is adjusted manually through the use of a crank. A height gauge on the machine helps facilitate the adjustments. Hydraulic height adjustment is available as an option with the premium control box.

Simple Transport

The transport height stays at 14’6” without having to remove any tine arms (12’6” with arms removed). This makes traveling from one field to the next more efficient. The rotors are locked hydraulically and mechanically in their transport position. This considerably increases the machine’s stability during transport, even on poorly maintained roads.


Rake Type Center Delivery
Number of rotors 2
Working width (inches) 27'7"- 30'6"
Working width (m) 8.4 - 9.3
Minimum Windrow Width (feet) 4'7"
Maximum Windrow Width (feet) 7'6"
Minimum Windrow Width (cm) 140
Maximum Windrow Width (cm) 230
Swath delivery Central
Number of tine arms per rotor 15
Number of Raking Wheels 6 per rotor
Number of tines per arm 4
Drive Mechanical
Tire type 16x6.50-8
Transport Height (feet) 12'6"
Transport width (m) 2.99
Transport width (feet) 9'10"
Linkage 2-point
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 56
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 75
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 SA + 1 DA 1 free return for control box KGA 10C
Weight (kg) 2 400
Weight (lb) 5 290
Rotor tyre type 11.5x80-15.3