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Masterdrive® Gearbox

The Masterdrive gearbox has an industry exclusive two-stage reduction drive. The second spur-gear drive has little tilt because there are considerably smaller clearances between the two gears. This increases durability of the whole assembly in difficult conditions. Wear on the gears is reduced to a minimum and only scheduled greasing of the tine arms is required. The two stages also make it possible to include larger spur gears with more teeth for better overall power transmission.

Standard 3D Suspension

The standard 3D suspension rotors closely follow the ground over undulating terrain for raking when every leaf counts. The tines collect the crop with the greatest precision: a particular benefit when raking rolling ground.

Bogie Axles

The bogie axles are ideal for raking fields with uneven ground (pivot tracks, rough terrain after grazing) and where higher raking speeds are desired.

Adjustable Width

A few turns of the crank are all that is needed to position the tines at the ideal crop pickup height. Preselection of the windrow width in transport position is all it takes to adjust the working width and windrow width. When rotor arms are lowered, the rotors are automatically positioned at the desired setting. When raised for transport, the rotors are automatically placed in the lowest position to minimize transport height.

Pivoting Headstock

The pivoting headstock increases maneuverability and stability on uneven ground. It also provides added comfort during transport, increasing your safety and peace of mind.


Rake Type Center Delivery
Number of rotors 2
Working width (inches) 24'3" - 26'3"
Working width (m) 7.40 - 8.00
Minimum Windrow Width (feet) 4'7"
Maximum Windrow Width (feet) 6'7"
Minimum Windrow Width (cm) 140
Maximum Windrow Width (cm) 201
Swath delivery Central
Number of tine arms per rotor 12
Number of tines per arm 4
Drive Mechanical
Tire type 10.0x75-15.3
Transport width (m) 2.82
Transport width (feet) 9'3"
Linkage 2-point
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 44
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 70
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 SA
Weight (kg) 1 925
Weight (lb) 4 255
Rotor tyre type Super balloons 16 x 6.50 - 8