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100 Series Cutterbar

The 100 series cutterbar ensures a high quality cut. The knife attachment is fully protected and the idler gear fasteners are embedded in heat treated steel cups making the cutterbar wear resistant. All gearwheels have a large diameter and reinforced teeth creating maximum resistance in case of impact to the disc. To increase the service life, the bearings are symmetrical in relation to radial forces endured by the disc. They are fitted in anti-distortion housing to withstand the heaviest loads.

Protectadrive® Safety

The Protectadrive system protects the gear train in case an obstacle is struck: the threaded pins of the disc housings are solidly linked to the upper half casing. There is no weak point or risk that they could be ripped out. The disc bearing station can be removed and mounted quickly and easily. A possible repair is carried out at reduced costs from the outside with minimum downtime

Reinforced Cover Framework

Ideal for coping with intensive operations. The cover framework is reinforced so that it adapts perfectly to the intensity of operating conditions: high working speeds or increased operating time.

Swath Wheel

The swath wheel is mounted behind the outer cone and functions to separate cut crop from uncut crop allowing the right tractor wheels to drive over the ground instead of previously cut crop. Advantages of the swath wheel are it fits entirely under the curtain, is not in contact with the ground and damage by backing or turning sharply is eliminated.

Simple Adjustments

One tool, supplied with the mower and stored in an integrated toolbox, can perform all of the following tasks: adjustment of the flotation spring, unlocking of the safety cover, adjustment of the belt tension and replacement of knives (if bolted).


Working width (m) 2
Cutterbars 100 series
Number of discs with protecting skids 5
Swath width (m) 1.40
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Setting to transport position Vertical folding
Weight (kg) 465
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 SA