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Flat-Sided Drums

The flat sides of the drums are the key to moving cut crop off the drums and through the machine with minimal risk of blockage. The drum and drum skirt are separate detachable parts, which reduces repair costs and downtime.

Rotating Skids

The large surface area and free rotation of the skids greatly reduce the drag of the mower over the ground while protecting the stubble and turf. The skids also provide outstanding flotation over uneven ground.

Fast-Fit Blades

Using the special tool provided with the machine, you can easily push the blade holder down and replace the blades. This is a proven, quick and efficient system with no additional tools required.

Work to Transport and Back

A simple rope-controlled pin is used to lock the mower in the rearward transport position. The mower head is swung by hand from the transport position to the side working position or back to the transport position. A hydraulic vertical fold option is also available.

Safety Breakaway System

Upon encountering an obstacle, the breakaway releases and the mower unit pivots back to protect the mower. The breakaway is easily reset by reversing the tractor and returning the mower to the working position.


Working width (m) 1.65
Number of drums 2
Knives 6
Cutting height adjustment Spacers
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Transport width (m) 140
Weight (kg) 380
Linkage Cat. I+II
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 20
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 27