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Optidisc® Cutterbar

The Optidisc cutterbar provides a flat, streamlined profile so that soil and crop residue do not accumulate and material flows smoothly, even in heavy, difficult crop conditions. At the point where the discs diverge, the distance is reduced to increase the knife overlap which results in a clean cut, even when the grass is short or light. At the point where the discs converge, the distance is increased thus more space is provided for the crop to pass. Cut crop is quickly carried away from the cutting area, greatly improving the cut quality.

Lift-Control Device

The Lift-Control device is much more than just a suspension system with a nitrogen accumulator replacing the traditional spring. The principal advantage of this system is derived from the exclusive way in which the kinetic forces that act on the cutterbar are utilized. Control of the mowing head is easy and precise. The hydraulic requirements have been minimized to reduce reaction times and a single hydraulic valve is all that is required to raise and lower the mowing head. The minimum lift clearance of 16 inches (40 cm) easily clears obstructions and already cut crop.

Active Non-Stop Breakaway

No one can afford to damage their mower during the peak hay season because of a forgotten or unnoticed obstacle. With the active non-stop breakaway, the mowing head will pivot up to 25 degrees to the rear. At the same time, the mowing head will lift to clear the obstruction and then automatically reset to the original mowing position. There is no need to stop and reverse to reset the mower.

Central Articulation

A suspension system’s performance is compromised if the weight distribution across the ground is not uniform. The central articulation of the Lift-Control range allows the mowing head to be suspended at the center of gravity point to ensure even weight distribution and a high-quality cut across the entire width.

Safety During Transport

When folded for transport the cutting head is centered directly behind the tractor. This facilitates greater ease when engaged in road transport. Twin mechanical locks fix the cutting head when in transport to securely hold the head in position. It’s important to ballast the tractor correctly for safety when in transport.


Working width (m) 3.51
Number of discs with protecting skids 8
Swath width (m) 2.8
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Transport width (m) 1.70
Safety break-back Non-Stop
Weight (kg) 920
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 59
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 80
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 DA