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Sleek Look

The new KUHN front mowers feature an attractive, functionally designed headstock. The compact frame, shaped like a hammerhead shark, offers improved visibility for the operator. It also subtly integrates the suspension unit, which is responsible for exceptionally high ground adaptation. The two support arms are positioned a distance apart from one another, thus ensuring stable operation.

Exceptional Terrain Followers

Front mowing units have to remain flexible enough to smoothly adapt to all terrain changes they may encounter. At the same time they are often subject to higher stress. The KUHN front mowers are designed for this purpose, featuring a pendulum-type articulation of the mowing unit and significant adaptability characteristics. They can oscillate left to right at an angle of up to 30 degrees and cover a vertical travel range of 27.5”.

Optidisc® Cutterbar

The innovative design offers exclusive differential disc spacing. Narrower spacing at diverging discs provides greater knife overlap for cleaner cutting. Wider spacing at converging discs provides greater capacity and higher throughput.

Fast-Fit ® Knives

Fast-Fit allows quick changing of knives with the use of a simple tool, yet still provides the optimum cut quality and knife life seen with the standard system. With Fast-Fit, you can achieve up to 50% time savings.

FlexProtect™: Flexible Protection

On encountering an obstacle, the KUHN FlexProtect side covers, made of polythene material, bend without breaking or damaging the mower. After the obstacle’s passage, the material automatically returns back to its original shape.


Working width (m) 3
Working width (feet) 10'2"
Transport width (feet) 9'10"
Average swath width (feet) 3'3" - 4'11"
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Transport width (m) 3
Weight (kg) 1107
Weight (lb) 2440
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 56
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 75
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 DA