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Separate Hydraulic Lifting of Units

The possibility of lifting both rear mowing units individually via hydraulic cylinders is a big advantage on wedge-shaped fields and permits quick and easy maneuvers. This can be done directly from the cab. At the same time, the system ensures a reduced ground pressure: beneficial to plant regrowth, cutterbar wear and power requirements.

Transport with Ease

Transporting a triple combination in upward folded position leaves it closer to the tractor and allows the machine to have:

  • Compact dimensions on the road (reduced length)
  • A center of gravity close to the tractor
  • A reduced load on the rear tractor axle

Practical Storage Position

Two parking stands are delivered as standard with the machine. They enable you to park the machine in folded position, this considerably saves storage space

Lift Control

Lift-Control is much more than just a suspension system with a nitrogen accumulator replacing the traditional spring. The main advantage of the Lift-Control system is derived from the exclusive way in which kinetic forces, which act on the cutterbar, are utilized. KUHN engineers have succeeded in making a dynamic suspension system as opposed to a passive system most commonly used.

Comfortable Adjustments from the Cab

The KFA 10 terminal facilitates machine adjustments. The following functions can be comfortably controlled from the cab:

  • Folding/unfolding
  • Independent lifting of the mowing units
  • Ground pressure of rear mowing units


Working width (feet) 31' - 32'6"
Transport width (feet) 11'
Number of discs with protecting skids 2(8)
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Conditioning Finger type conditioner
Conditioning rotor speed (rpm) 755 / 1000
Swath width (feet) 6'1" - 7'10"
Weight (lb) 7190
Tractor hydraulic equipment 2 Double Acting (DA)