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Optidisc® Cutterbar with Fast-Fit

The Optidisc cutterbar requires no break-in oil change or scheduled maintenance for the life of the machine. It has a flat profile allowing the crop to move through quickly for smooth flow even in heavy, difficult conditions.
The innovative design offers exclusive differential spacing:
1.) Narrower spacing at diverging discs provide greater knife overlap for cleaner cutting
2.) Wider spacing at converging discs provide great capacity and higher throughput

Fast-Fit allows quick changing of knives with the use of a simple tool, yet still provides optimum cut quality and knife life seen with the standard system. With Fast-Fit, you can achieve up to 50% time savings.

Consistent Drydown

The DigiDry™ finger conditioner provides consistent drying of grass and legume crops in various conditions with little maintenance. The built-in breakback feature normally protects against damage from rocks and other foreign materials.

Broadest Range of Windrow Widths

The wider the crop is spread, the more surface area there is exposed to the sun for faster drying. The FC TL Series mower conditioners will produce swaths up to 75% of cut width for accelerated drydown. The single-point adjustment handle offers eight set windrow width positions to match different harvesting practices and field conditions. Additional fine-tuning is possible by rotating the adjustment plate.

Tight Turns and Clean, Square Corners

The heavy-duty Gyrodine® gearbox is designed to withstand the most severe pull-through force from the hitch to the machine. The swivel design allows turns in excess of 90° while keeping the PTO driveline straight. Choose from two hitch attachments – drawbar or 2-point swivel.

Simple Drawbar Hitch
The drawbar hitch is easy to hook up and the heavy-duty build provides dependability and long life. The built-in swivel allows movement in three dimensions to easily adapt to uneven field conditions.

Quick Hitch Compatible 2-Point
The CAT 2/3N quick hitch compatible 2-point hitch provides a fully controlled connection and allows easy adjustment to maintain a level PTO. It also provides more ground clearance for previously mowed crop to pass through. Connecting arms pivot during hookup for easy alignment. All connecting quick hitches must meet standard ASABE specifications.

Exceptional Flotation

The Constant Float® suspension system provides a constant range of flotation. The header is suspended on each side of the machine by a long, large-diameter spring. The floating head lifts up and back, and oscillates from side to side, to closely follow ground contours and conform to irregular terrain. Additionally, the Pro-Active Lift® maintenance-free system, allows the machine to quickly adapt to abrupt changes in terrain or when an obstruction is encountered in the field. The cutting head is able to move up and back simultaneously, dissipating the force of any impact and providing space to clear the obstacle.


Working width (m) 2.7
Working width (inches) 8'10"
Transport width (m) 2.7
Transport width (feet) 8'10"
Number of discs with protecting skids 6
PTO speed (rpm) 540 and 1000 (Optional)
Swath width (m) 0.9 - 2
Conditioning Finger type conditioner
Conditioning rotor speed (rpm) 760/1000
Swath width (feet) 3' - 6'8"
Weight approx. (kg) 1470
Weight (lb) 3240
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 50
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 67
Tractor hydraulic equipment 2 Double Acting (DA)