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Removable Protectadrive™ Disc Bearing Stations

The disc bearing stations can be removed and mounted quickly easily. Any needed repairs can be carried out at reduced costs from the outside with minimal downtime. The Protectadrive also provides total safety in case an obstacle is struck meaning the threaded pins of the disc housings are solidly linked to the upper half casing. There is no weak point or risk that they could be ripped out.

Pendulum Type Articulation

The pendulum type articulation provides constant pressure over the whole mowing unit including on uneven ground. The articulation provides good machine stability and excellent ground following even at high speeds. Two additional benefits of this type of articulation are crop stubble preservation and the ability to reduce soil contamination.


The exclusive Lift-Control suspension, with its clever design, combines ground pressure reduction of the mowing unit with break-away safety. Additionally, uniform weight distribution over the entire working width is achieved by the central pendulum articulation of the mowing unit.

The results provide the operator with perfect ground adaptation, a cleaner crop and coniderable cost savings due to fewer repairs, less wear and reduced fuel consumption.

Active Non-Stop Breakaway

No one can afford to damage their mower during the peak hay season because of a forgotten or unnoticed obstacle. The mowing head will pivot up to 25° to the rear. At the same time, the mowing head will lift to clear the obstruction and then automatically reset to the original mowing position. There is no need to stop and reverse to reset the mower.

Automatic Locking

To avoid swinging up and down in the transport position and during headland turns, the central articulation is locked hydraulically. This also adds to the operator’s safety.


Working width (feet) 10'2"
Number of discs with protecting skids 7
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Conditioning DigiDry® Steel Finger
Conditioning rotor speed (rpm) 615 / 888
Swath width (feet) 3'11" - 9'10"
Weight (lb) 2453