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Heavy-Duty Front Cutterbar

The Optidisc® cutterbar is lubed-for-life and requires no break-in oil change or scheduled maintenance for the life of the machine. It has a flat profile allowing the crop to move through quickly for smooth flow even in heavy, difficult conditions. Changing blades is quick and easy with the Fast-Fit blade change system.

High Crop Lift

The high-lift discs and end cone design provides high lift of the crop, allowing cut materials to quickly leave the cutterbar and enter the conditioner, especially in thick crop conditions. This system has been designed and tested to cut cleanly in extreme conditions.

Direct Drive Design

The direct drive design eliminates belts and improves reliability in long crops such as ryegrass. The drive system cover is easy to access and open for servicing.

Consistent Drying

The DigiDry™ steel finger conditioning system results in consistent drying of grass and legume crops in various conditions with little maintenance. The two-speed rotor selector allows you to tailor your machine to the crop quickly and easily.

Advanced Suspension

Superior ground adaptation is achieved with the new hydro-pneumatic suspension system with torsion bar assist. This suspension system also limits ash incorporation and greatly improves compensation for immovable field obstacles.


Working width (feet) 11'6"
Transport width (feet) 11'5"
Number of discs with protecting skids 8
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Conditioning Finger type conditioner
Conditioning rotor speed (rpm) 780 / 1000
Swath width (feet) 3'11" - 5'3"
Weight (lb) 2955
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 Double Acting (DA)