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Gyrodine® Swivel Hitch

The Gyrodine® Swivel Hitch provides choice of hitch attachment with either 2-point swivel or drawbar mounting which is extremely versatile to suit customer requirements. The hitch pivots side-to-side on the Gyrodine gearbox to keep the PTO straight while turning and to eliminate chatter.

Gear-Drive System

The conditioning system is entirely gear driven, keeping the rollers perfectly synchronized for the life of the machine. Maintenance is also reduced by eliminating troublesome belts or chains. A patented shear bolt safety system provides the conditioner and drives with extra security.

Optidisc® “Lubed-for-Life” Cutterbar

This heavy-duty cutterbar has a fully-welded and through-bolted gearcase as well as Protectadrive® shear protection. The cutterbar has highly-polished gears and synthetic gear oil ensure this system does not require any regular maintenance, eliminating the need for cutter oil changes throughout the life of the machine.

High-Lift Discs

Discs and end cone design provide high lift of crop. This allows cut material to quickly leave the cutter and enter the conditioner, especially in thick crop conditions. These discs are designed to cut cleanly in extreme conditions and have Fast-Fit® rapid blade change.

Conditioning Options

The DigiDry™ finger conditioner provides consistent drying of grass and legume crops in various conditions with little maintenance. The built-in breakback feature normally protects against damage from rocks and other foreign materials.For optimal conditioning of hay, try using the Diamond Block® rubber rollers, the only rollers on the market specifically designed for a disc mower. KUHN’s steel DoubleCrimp™ rollers provide even more aggressive crimping and have a longer life span in the most abrasive of conditions.


Working width (m) 4
Working width (feet) 13'
Transport width (m) 4
Transport width (feet) 13'3"
Number of discs with protecting skids 9
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Swath width (m) 1.1 - 2.7
Conditioning Steel
Conditioning rotor speed (rpm) 780/1000
Swath width (feet) 3'7" - 8'10"
Weight approx. (kg) 2675
Weight (lb) 5897
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 80
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 107
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 SA + 1 DA