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CDA: Unrivaled Accuracy

There are two important features that make the CDA (Coaxial Distribution Adjustment®) system unique: The pivoting hopper base enables quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths by adjusting the drop point of the fertilizer onto the spreading discs. Specially designed metering outlets close to the center of the discs allow multiple supply points to the paddles. This helps ensure constant fertilizer flow and an even spread pattern.

Variable Rate Capability

This feature allows a farmer to tailor application rates by providing the soil with the most accurate amount of nutrients possible to create a flourishing crop while saving a significant amount of fertilizer.

Gentle Agitator

The simple, mechanical drive allows for a consistent agitator speed of 17 RPM. Slow, stepped agitation prevents fertilizer granule damage and powder formation

Direct Flow Control (DFC) System

With this system, machine setup is easy by using the spreading chart settings. By removing the discs and fitting the chute, a flow test can be conducted to help determine the best position for the product to be spread to minimize overspread and maximize efficiency.

Ultra-Low Application Rates

This machine is all about maximizing efficiency and with ultra-low application rates, it will spread out the savings both in and outside of the field. With low application rates and travel speeds having no negative effect on fertilizer distribution, the Axis is the machine of choice to get your field the nutrients it needs!


Max. effective load (kg) 3205
Outlet shutter control Electric cylinders
Working width (feet) 39' - 138'
Working width (m) between 12 and 42
Capacity (min.) (cu.ft.) 49
Capacity (min.) (l) 1400
Capacity (max.) (cu.ft.) 112
Capacity (max.) (l) 3100
Max. effective load (lb) 7050
Weight approx. (kg) 330
Weight approx. (lb) 725
Drive PTO
Application rate control Electronic speed matching
Application (kg/ha) 3 kg/ha - 500 kg/ha
Application lb/acre. 2.7 lbs/acre - 446 lbs/acre
Working width adjustment Manual