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Bale Chamber

The bale chamber on the VB 2200 Series balers consists of three bale chamber rollers and five belts. The belts and rollers in the bale chamber provide fast, consistent core formation. In this pre-chamber, moderate or soft-cores can be chosen to meet the needs of any feeding or bedding situation. The redesigned bale chamber is equipped with a new heavier top chamber roller with aggressive profile resulting in less material to the front of the baler. This model also has a reinforced tailgate bottom roller and top belt guide roller for added durability. A top forming roller in the front segment of the baler prevents crop build up and material on the machine.

Optimal Crop Pickup

The VB 2260/2290 model features a wide pickup with standard crop roller. The pickup is designed to maximize the full capacity of the machine. With a working width of 83 or 91 inches, the machine is capable of working in all windrows and will not let you down, even in the toughest conditions. Straight pickup tines help release the crop and reduce crop wrapping. The pickup roller compresses the crop against the pickup tines reducing friction, thus reducing leaf loss and increasing baler efficiency by evening out the windrow.

Integral Rotor

Integral Rotor units are provided with tines made out of Hardox wear plates. Hardox combines extreme hardness and toughness with minimum wear on rotor tines. The simple, maintenance free, short-distance intake system ensures even feeding regardless of variations in crop conditions. The short distance between rotor and pickup yields and outstanding crop flow. This force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for outstanding productivity and reduced crop damaged.

Multiple Intake Options



The VB 2265/2295 allows you to select an intake option of either an OptiFlow open throat intake, an OptiFeed non-cutting rotor, or a 23-knife OptiCut integral rotor. The OptiFlow open throat intake has an unrestricted intake unit for maximum capacity in all crop conditions. The OptiFeed rotor with single feeding tines and integrated augers, provide a consistent flow of crop into the bale chamber. Lastly,the OptiCut 23 cutting system is designed for unlimited intake capacity and excellent cutting quality.Due to the unique bi-lobe rotor and cam-shaped lobe, the OptiCut 23 allows silage to be guided and drawn to the knives in an early stage which improves flow and cutting performance and also helps prevent unwanted plugging. As a result of the redesigned intake unit, the power requirement of the balers is decreased. Each single knife is spring protected against damage from foreign objects.

Net Wrap System

The net wrap system with active stretch technology assures a firm bale shape with constant high net tension throughout the entire binding cycle. The net is fed into the front of the bale chamber to secure an even and direct start. A second net roll storage guarantees sufficient net supply for a long working day. Changing the net roll can easily be done standing safely on the ground next to the machine.

Progressive Density

As the bale grows within the bale chamber, the belt tensioning arm is subjected to steadily increasing resistance from two hydraulic cylinders and a spring tensioner. As the diameter grows, the bale’s density does too. The result is a very firm bale with a moderate core. With a tougher outer layer, straw bales will be more tolerant to weather conditions, while hay bales will maintain their shape for improved stacking and easier handling. The VB 2265/2295 baler can run on a higher baling pressure with up to 10% increase of bale weight in dry crops.


Bale diameter minimum-maximum (cm) 80-160
Bale width (cm) 120
Pickup intake width (cm) 230
Number of tine bars 5
Short crop Pick-up roller Standard
Bale chamber density control Progressive Density
Binding Standard net (optional twine binding or combination)
Bale formation 5 belts + 3 chamber rollers
Control system VT 50 / CCI 200
Maximum wheel size 500/45-22.5