Kuhn FB 2130

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OptiFeed & Opticut 14

When crop cutting is not required, the OptiFeed Integral Rotor will feed the crop directly into the bale chamber. The FB 2130 can also be equipped with a cutting rotor, the OptiCut 14. The 14 knives cut the crop to a maximum of 2.75". Each single knife is spring protected against damage.


The 14 steel rollers with an asymmetrical profile ensure a reliable bale rotation without stoppages. The PowerTrack rollers start to rotate the core of the bale as fast as possible to ensure maximum compression.


Strong rear door hydraulic cylinders work in combination with a hydraulic lock valve to produce maximum bale density. The accumulator levels off peak loads on the rear door and automatically protects for overloading. For those who need diverse bale densities the pressure can be manually set to a maximum of 2,466 PSI.

Heavy-Duty Driveline

he FB 2130 has an automatic cam clutch protection on the PTO drive shaft. KUHN only uses high-quality, heavy-duty chains with hardened sprockets. Each roller has heavy-duty bearings and are bolted onto the side walls of the bale chamber for easy access and maintenance

Binding Systems

FB 119 and 2130 fixed chamber balers come equipped with your choice of twine or net binding. By use of the double twine binding system the binding cycle time is reduced to a minimum. The net-only binding provides the bale with a clean and tidy net wrap from edge to edge.


Bale Chamber 14 PowerTrack Rollers
Bale dimensions width x height (in) 48" x 49"
Pickup intake width (in) 91"
Number of tine bars 4
Binding Twine or Net
Intake system Integral Rotor - OC System
Control system AT-10
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 75
Unloaded weight (lbs) 6173 or 6504