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Integral Rotor Technology

The large diameter rotor has heavy-duty auger flighting integrated directly onto the outer sections of the v-shaped rotor. This system is called Integral Rotor Technology. This short-distance intake system ensures even feeding regardless of variations in the crop. With this system, even the heaviest of crops are force-fed through the short intake, resulting in higher speeds for faster bale output.

Two Intake Options

OptiFeed Rotor

OptiCut 23-Knife Rotor
Select from an OptiFeed non-cutting rotor, or a 23-knife OptiCut integral rotor to better meet your operation’s specific needs. The OptiFeed non-cutting intake is the perfect solution for handling tough crop conditions such as cornstalks, short straw and high-moisture crops. The OptiCut 23 intake has knives with individual hydraulic protection and a rotor that is designed with high-capacity needs in mind. The OptiCut 23’s 1 ½” cut results in a denser bale that breaks apart more easily, also resulting in faster fermentation of forages.

Double-Knotting System

The LSB 890 D is equipped with a double-knotting system. With the electronic knotter control, the driver has accurate information concerning twine tension at all times and receives an alarm if an issue arises. The knotting progress can be monitored directly from the tractor cab. In addition, dual hydraulic fans help keep the knotting area clean from debris.

Heavy-Duty Driveline

Kuhn uses a combination of synchronized gearboxes, drivelines and oversized chains designed for maximum life and limited maintenance. The driveline layout is simple, clean, and easy to service and maintain while minimizing the overall number of moving parts.


Bale length (cm) between 60 and 300
Pickup intake width (cm) 230
Number of plunger strokes 46 min-1
Bale chamber density control 4 hydraulic cylinders
Bale chamber length (cm) 300
Number of knotters 6
Intake system Integral rotor
Maximum wheel size single axle 710/40-22.5
Maximum wheel size tandem axle 620 /50-22.5
Bale dimensions width x height (cm) 120 x 90
Bale length (in) 24-118
Bale chamber length (in) 120
Bale dimensions width x height (in) 45.6 x 35
Pickup intake width (in) 91
Binding Double knotters
Control system ISOBUS (VT 50/CCI 200)