Case IH Axial-Flow 8250

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Food Grade Harvesting

Every Bushel Counts

All year long, you’ve put in the hard work to create incredible acres of food grade crops, including corn, popcorn, lentils, wheat, and rice. Now it’s time to collect. Every detail of Axial- Flow 250 series combines is designed to get every bushel out of your food grade harvest.

Feeding System

Increase Functional Performance Through The Feeding System

250 Series Combines have a redesigned feeder house for demanding crop conditions. A redesigned feeder top shaft drive coupler features a crown spline design for greatly improved durability. A simple, two-piece feeder floor design increases durability and improves crop feeding. Plus, up to 13,500 pounds in lift capacity handles even the largest chopping corn head on the market. The latest updates include:

  • New configurable raise and lower buttons for the reel and header
  • Improved automated header height control (AHHC) for more responsive corn head operation


Shift Into the Model for You

The two-speed electric shift ground drive transmission increases tractive effort and reduces the need to stop and shift in field or on the road. Wider speed ranges provide more power for climbing hills  and in challenging ground conditions. An optional differential lock further improves traction and performance. These combines are equipped with closed-loop sensing which ensures constant speed control plus an economy mode for fuel savings.

Our industry-exclusive CVT drive provides reduced complexity and maintenance, while the improved PTO gear case design ensures pumps and drives are operating efficiently throughout the entire rpm range.

Our patented header to feeder ground speed automatically matches header speed to ground speed with in-cab electronic variable feeder speed control, optimizing grain savings in down-corn conditions. Header and feeder automatically adapt to combine speed and put more grain in your tank.

Threshing & Separating

Control Your Harvest

We pioneered single rotor development back in the 1960s. Since then, refinements, enhancements and improvements have led to the pinnacle in rotor performance — the AFX rotor. The AFX rotor can be set into many configurations, adapting to both crop and threshing conditions.

Cleaning System

High-Capacity Cleaning Systems

High-capacity combines need large high-capacity cleaning systems. Axial-Flow combines match cleaning system capacity to the size of the machine, providing superior productivity, grain sample quality and savings. The patented design of the Cross Flow™ cleaning system fan delivers consistently clean grain samples no matter the harvest condition. 

  • Self-leveling Cleaning System (SLS): The self-leveling sieves allow up to 12 percent slope each way. An in-cab, adjustable pre-sieve allows the operator to make adjustments on the go to maximize grain quality. 
  • Tri-Sweep™ Tailings Processor: Using three sets of impellers, the processor gently re-threshes and elevates the tailings, returning them back to the active grain pan for final cleaning. This results in higher capacity, increased efficiency and improved grain quality.
  • Active Grain Pan: Increases efficiency by separating the grain and other material through reciprocating action before reaching the cleaning system.
  • Cross Flow Fan: After entering the fan, a vortex is created, which super charges the air flow, giving a full-balanced flow across the entire sieve. Air enters the full width of the fan from the top — not the sides — resulting in superior air flow.

Residue Management

Maintain Easy, Effective Control

The Case IH residue management system is built to handle the tough residue associated with new crop. This system delivers consistency across the larger header widths used on the Axial-Flow 250 series combines, helps prepare the ground for next year’s crop and can create consistent windrow formations and long straw for baling. 

  • Rotor Discharge Deflector: Positioned directly behind the rotor, providing a central feeding point and deflecting residue toward the chopper. The deflectors can be adjusted either from in-cab or the right-hand side of the combine by a pin that can be placed into four different positions.
  • Windrow Chute: Two residue modes (spread and windrow) provide options to meet your residue requirements, with an in-cab chop-to-swath option available.
  • Chopper: Blades are mounted in a spiral pattern, with seven separate chopper/residue options to match your requirements, including a factory-installed X-tra Chop; a small-grains residue package for increased residue chop and sizing.
  • Hydraulically Driven Spreader: Hydraulically driven residue spreaders are adjustable in-cab for on-the-go speed control. Spreading width is easily adjusted manually by moving the dovetail in the center up or down.

Grain Handling

Reduce Your Unload Time

Large grain tanks, longer augers and quick-folding tool-free grain tank extensions are standard on all Axial-Flow combine models — resulting in more efficient field operation. High unload rates, an optional cab-controlled pivoting spout, and optional cab-controlled grain tank covers add to the high productivity of the 250 series combines.

Automation Modes

Find Your Perfect Flow With AFS Harvest Command™

Regardless of the time of day, crop conditions or moisture levels, the AFS Harvest Command combine automation system is always working for you. It’s simple. Each automation mode prioritizes different harvesting outcomes — from grain quality to grain savings to throughput. Choose the mode of automation to match your harvesting goals. Then set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits and AFS Harvest Command takes over from there.

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)

Eliminate Guesswork. Simplify Your Harvest.

From the AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation system to the factory-installed AFS AccuGuide™ auto guidance system and more, you have the tools to optimize harvest — no matter the field conditions or operation skillset.

With AFS Connect™, you have the power to monitor your operations from anywhere.

  • AFS AccuSync is available for machines operating with a Pro 700. AFS AccuSync provides machine coordination for up to six vehicles operating in the same field and allows you to easily create and share job information, like guidance lines, with the other machines.
  • Rice crops are now supported for AFS Harvest Command and retrofittable to Model Year 2019
  • New auto clean out feature allows you to easily clean your machine between crop types or varieties with an one button push on the Pro 700 display

Operator Environment

Unmatched Comfort, Visibility and Control

With one of the largest and quietest cabs among combine manufacturers, the Axial-Flow cab gives you industry-leading glass and unsurpassed sight lines so you can keep an eye on the entire header. With its ergonomic and intuitive design, you get maximized comfort and productivity. 

  • The cab is your mobile office, with USB ports, a cell phone holder, and AM/FM/Bluetooth® weather band radio or optional upgraded AM/FM/CD/bluetooth radio
  • Have control at your fingertips with the multifunction handle and the AFS Pro 700 display, with most of your controls on the right hand console
  • Enjoy better visibility with standard halogen stadium lighting and optional upgraded light packages
  • New LED lighting gives you maximum visibility for long days that stretch into night
  • Seating options include a heated and ventilated seat with adjustable support, leather seat, or premium high-backed red leather seats. An instructional seat backrest folds down into a work surface.
  • A portable electric refrigerator keeps food and drinks cool from home to field
  • Plus, even more deluxe and luxury options for cab trim, shades, and storage
    • New deluxe cab comfort features including a heated and ventilated seat with adjustable seat support. Leather Seat, Premium Heated and ventilated red leather high-back operator seat, with air bolsters, lumbar adjustments, and red leather instructor seat. Positive Response air suspension.

Tires & Tracks

Greater Flotation, Less Compaction

With unmatched traction and flotation, Axial-Flow combines are offered with a wide variety of tire and track options to meet your demands. Choose between either the Quadtrac® Track system, which results in less soil disturbance, or the PowerFlex Trax™, delivering improved harvest performance. 

Maintenance & Uptime

Make the Most of Your Season

Through customer-driven input, Case IH is committed to making your job easier, so you can maximize productivity.

  • Convenient access with fewer belts and chains to adjust and maintain
  • Exclusive, interactive PC training program helps you better understand the components, operation and adjustment of Axial-Flow combines.
  • Contact your local expert to learn more, compare specs or schedule a demo. To find your local dealer visit the Case IH dealer locator.

Chrome Edition

Maximum Durability for High-wear Crops

Engineered and designed to withstand the toughest harvesting conditions and abrasive crops, the 250 series Axial-Flow Chrome Edition is an ideal solution for producers growing high-wear crops. Available for all models, the Chrome Edition package is equipped with more durable and longer-lasting components so you can stay productive through every harvest, season after season.

The Chrome edition has been expanded to all luxury package options for small grains, coarse grains and rice producers to ensure added parts durability.

Maximum Durability for High-wear Crops

Engineered and designed to withstand the toughest harvesting conditions and abrasive crops, the 250 series Axial-Flow Chrome Edition is an ideal solution for producers growing high-wear crops. Available for all models, the Chrome Edition package is equipped with more durable and longer-lasting components so you can stay productive through every harvest, season after season.

The Chrome edition has been expanded to all luxury package options for small grains, coarse grains and rice producers to ensure added parts durability.


Size Class
Fuel Tank Capacity - Gallon (US) (L)
Rated Output hp [ kW ]480 [358]
Max Output hp [ kW ]555 [414]
Power Boost hp [ kW ]75 [56]
Manufacturer Case IH FPT
Model C13
Cylinders 6
Displacement Inches³ [ ltr ]787 [12.9]
Fuel Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]297 [1124]
DEF Tank Capacity gallons (US) [ ltr ]43 [166]
Feeder Width inches [ mm ]54 [1372]
Feeder Speed Variable Standard
Feeder Reverser Control Electro-Hydraulic
Feeder Tilt Adjustment Fore-aft std; Lateral std.
Stone / Rock Protection Spiral Beater/Sump, optional
Threshing System Type Longitudinal Rotor
Number Of Rotors Or Cylinders 1 Rotor
Rotor Or Cylinder Description Staggered Rasp Bars
Rotor Or Cylinder Diameter inches [ mm ]30 [762]
Rotor Or Cylinder Length inches [ mm ]103.3 [2623]
Rotor Or Cylinder Speed Range - High rpm1180
Rotor Or Cylinder Speed Range - Low rpm220
Threshing Area Wrap °180
Concave Adjustment Electronic, w/position sensor
Total Sieve Area in² [ m² ]10075 [6.5]
Leveling System Available Self-leveling to 12.1%
Cleaning Fan Description 15.4" (391) dia. Cross Flow
Cleaning Fan Speed Range - High rpm1150
Cleaning Fan Speed Range - Low rpm300
Grain Tank bu (US) [ L ]410 [14448]
Optional Grain Tank Capacity bu (US) [ L ]
Unloading Rate bu (US)/s [ L/s ]4.5 [159]
Unloading Auger Length ft/in [ m ]28 ft 9 in [8.8]
Optional Auger Length - In (m)
Auger Reach From Machine Center ft/in [ m ]
Reach From Machine Center, Optional Auger - In (m)
Reference Drive Tire Size IF800/70R38
Steering Tire Size VF600/70 R28 CFO, R1W
Rubber Tracks Available 30" or 36" Factory Fit
Weight lbs [ kg ]42845 [19434]
Weight, 2WD - Lb (kg)
Wheelbase inches [ mm ]148 [3759.21]
Transport Height - In (m)
Transport Height ft/in [ m ]13 ft 1 in [4]
Optional Auger Length ft/in [ m ]50 ft [15.2]
Optional Auger Reach From Machine Center ft/in [ m ]