Case IH Precision Disk 550T Air Drill

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  • Toolbar Width

    30 - 60 ft.

  • Transport Height

    13.1 - 14.9 ft.

  • Transport Width

    12.5 - 18.8 ft.

  • Tank Capacity

    110 to 950 bu.

Precision Disk Air Drill Family

Make the Most of Your Season, Soil and Seeds
Case IH Precision Disk air drills are designed to help you work more efficiently, so you can be more productive — no matter the residue conditions you’re dealing with or crops you plant. Precision Disk air drills are a versatile seeding tool to help you seed a broad range of crops more consistently and effectively.Plus, Precision Disk air drills allow you to seed at higher speeds and spend less time on daily maintenance.

New for 2022

Introducing the Precision Disk 550 Series Air Drill

With greater tank capacity and a row unit that’s designed for accuracy in tough conditions, the Precision Disk™ 550 series air drill offers greater versatility to help you boost yield potential in a range of conditions — including no-till fields.

  • Seed Placement Accuracy

    • A new closing system with indexable closing wheel angle adjustments helps growers achieve optimal seed trench closing, even in tough conditions.
    • Exclusive variable down pressure spring consistently holds the row unit at the correct depth.
    • Parallel-link design generates consistent coulter depth and seed placement; and closing wheel pressure ensures seed placement accuracy for improved stand establishment.

  • Tank Enhancements

    • The Precision Disk 550T features updated tanks with up to 140 bushels of capacity to provide the capacity you need to maximize tendering and seeding productivity.
    • Easy-to-use enhanced auto-calibration check software verifies calibration settings using scale feedback and ensures accuracy to give operators the best return on their investment.
    • Exclusive in-tank camera helps operators keep tabs on tank fill while rear-view camera helps ensure safety with maximum visibility.
    • Low-profile, rail-guided tank lid ensures effective seal and allows for easy access.

  • Versatility for Your Needs

    • A range of gauge wheel widths and options, including an open-spoke design, accommodate various field conditions.
    • Closing system comes standard with indexable angle settings, so you can set for effective seed trench closing.
    • Down pressure is adjustable from the cab with the press of a button.


Boost ROI With Earlier Soybean Emergence

Studies show that getting in the field earlier for planting is critical to maximizing soybean yield potential1 — and late-emerging soybeans can be costly, with a potential loss of up to $140/acre.2 That’s why Precision Disk 550 series air drills are agronomically designed with a parallel-link row unit to promote earlier, more rapid emergence than competitive air drills.

Precision Disk 550 series air drills let you plant soybeans earlier and into tough no-till seedbeds — so you can seed with accuracy, no matter the conditions. And keep you within budget. The single-rank Precision Disk 550T air drill offers a cost-effective solution for earlier soybean seeding.

Learn more about how Precision Disk 550 series air drills help boost ROI on the Case IH blog.

1. Based on field research from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2. Based on field research from North Carolina State Extension and North Carolina Soybean Producers Association.

Frame & Transport

Convenience and Durability in a Rugged Frame Design
From welded-frame connections to increase durability to simple folding for transporting, Case IH Precision Disk air drills are designed to add reliability and ease of use to exceptional performance.
    Main Frame
    • Main Frame
    • Wing Frames
    • Transport
    Main Carrying Frame
    Utilizes 6" x 10" x 3.8" (15 cm x 25 cm x 9.5 cm) wall tubes to support the row unit carrying subframe.
    Center Main Frame
    Tubes are oriented in a "V" to distribute the weight of the main frame, adding additional support and stability during transport.
    Front Caster Wheels
    Travel in a different path than the rear caster wheels, providing exceptional weight distribution, reduced ground pressure for even emergence and allowing for a smaller transport envelope.
    Nearly every part of the machine is powder coated to provide a superior paint coating that is resistant to impacts and paint-fading UV rays and helps prevent corrosion.
    Three-Section Flex
    A three-section frame drill with single-fold wings provides narrow transport. When in field position, the wings can flex 15 degrees up and 10 degrees down for superior ground following.
    A single-fold cylinder is used to fold the wings, providing fewer service points and resulting in more uptime and reliability.
    Wing Pins
    Each wing pivot utilizes hardened Grade 8 wing pins with replaceable hardened bushings for long wear life.
    Vertical Fold Design
    Allows for lowest transport height in the industry as well as narrow transport widths.
    Wing Lock
    The 25- and 30-ft models also utilize a wing lock for safe transport.
    Single Remote Lever
    A single remote lever inside the tractor folds or unfolds the Precision Disk air drill.
    Wide Profile Transport Wheels
    The wide profile of the transport wheels provide the stability to move the disk drill confidently, even at higher roading speeds.


    Gain Efficiencies and Improve Yield Potential

    Through our Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD) process, Case IH has engineered an agronomically designed row unit that cuts residue; opens a high-quality, uniform seed trench; delivers the seed perfectly; and closes the trench better than any row unit in the marketplace. With the Precision Disk 500 double shoot (DS) air drill, you can add to those benefits saving time by seeding and fertilizing simultaneously. The Precision Disk 550 series air drill makes further advances to the parallel-link row unit design, offering greater seed placement accuracy than ever before.

    • Forward-facing Seed Tube

      • More precise seed placement from tubes that direct seed toward scraper
      • Reduces tumble and hop with a vertical drop — keeping seed in the trench
      • Doesn't require a seed-loc wheel like many competitor models
      • Equipt with a deflector to catch seeds attempting to jump out of the trench

    • Parallel Link

      • Achieves parallel travel of the assembly thanks to an efficient and innovative design
      • Delivers consistent coulter depth, seed placement and closing wheel pressure
      • Allows level lowering and lifting to plant at optimum depth
      • Provides 8.5 inches of upward travel and 11.5 inches of downward travel

    • Tool-free Depth Adjustment

      • Adjust row unit depth with a single, spring-loaded T-handle. On the 550 and 550T, adjustments range from zero to 3½ inches; on the 500DS, from ½ inch to 2 inches.
      • The Precision Disk 550 series air drill allows for quick and easy changes to depth settings and closing wheel pressure.

    • Closing System

      • The 550 series air drill closing system comes standard with indexable angle settings, allowing operators to set for effective seed trench closing, no matter the conditions — from conventional to no-till.
      • Exclusive to the 500DS, the Precision Placement Knife™ accurately places seed and then helps close the trench. Unique steel composition with carbide edges and design allows for durability, extended wear and easy replacement.

    • Down Pressure Spring

      • Exclusive variable down pressure spring on each row unit ensures even emergence and minimized compaction across terraces and uneven terrain.
      • Keeps the gauge wheel engaged with the ground for consistent depth and seed placement.

    • Disk Blades

      • 18-inch Earth Metal® blades are built to withstand high-impact conditions
      • Cuts cleanly through heavy crop residue
      • Reduces hair pinning
      • Maximizes seed-to-soil contact


    Choose the Most Efficient Setup for Your Operation
    Our Precision Disk 550 and 500DS models are designed specifically for use with Precision Air 5 series air carts and allow for tow-behind or tow-between configurations. Alternatively, our Precision Disk 550T model features a mounted tank with seed metering. Choose the configuration that is most efficient for your operation.
      550 Model
      • 550 Model
      • 550T Model
      • 500DS Model
      Air Cart Compatibility
      The Precision Disk 550 air drill model is designed specifically for use with Precision Air 5 series air cart applications. These air carts include features like in-tank video cameras, AccuSection section control, pressure sensors, and more.
      Tank Capacity
      With capacities from 350 to 950 bushels, Precision Air carts are available in tank configurations that have two or three primary compartments. Optional 25- or 35-bushel auxiliary tanks help meet your input needs.
      Row Spacing
      Choose from 7.5- or 10-inch spacing configurations. The front or rear ranks can be hydraulically lifted and locked to seed with 15- or 20-inch spacing, respectively.
      Product Versatility
      You can mix any tank’s product with any of the other tanks, giving you maximum flexibility to achieve high efficiency when seeding.
      Mounted Tank
      The Precision Disk 550T features a mounted tank with seed metering, four-section overlap control and optional tank-mounted weigh scales to help monitor seeding rates and perform auto-calibration.
      Tank Capacity
      The 30-foot Precision Disk 550T features a 110-bushel tank, while the 40-foot machine is equipped with a 140-bushel tank.
      Row Spacing
      Choose from 7.5-, 10- or 15-inch spacing configurations. When equipped with 7.5- or 10-inch spacing, the front or rear ranks can be hydraulically lifted and locked to seed with 15- or 20-inch spacing, respectively.
      The 550T is also available in a single-rank, 15-inch spacing configuration – ideal for soybean seeding.
      Easy Access & Loading
      A high, rearward-mounting position allows easy access to the seed meter and row units below. Plus, a large platform gives you ample room for loading.
      Air Cart Compatibility
      The Precision Disk 550 and 500DS air drill models are designed specifically for applications with Precision Air 5 series air carts. These air carts include the AccuSection™ modular metering control system with built-in section control, in-tank video camera, tank pressure sensors and more.
      Product Versatility
      You can mix any tank’s product with any of the other tanks, giving you maximum flexibility to achieve high efficiency when seeding.
      Row Spacing
      All toolbars, from 30 feet to 60 feet, come with 10-inch spacing.
      Tank Capacity
      With capacities from 350 to 950 bushels, these carts are available in tank configurations that have two or three primary compartments. Optional 25- or 35-bushel auxiliary tanks help meet your input needs.


      Find Your Match For Easy Maneuvering

      Our Precision Disk 550 and 500DS models give you the choice of either a tow-behind or tow-between configuration, while our 550T lets you be more versatile with a mounted seed tank. Whichever model you choose, all come equipped with a strong cast Cat IV hitch clevis for secure hitching.
      • Front Hitch

        • Floating style front pull hitch
        • Allows the disk drill to float up and down, independently from the tractor and hitch
        • Improves ground following and seed depth control because the hitch will not raise or lower the front of the tool when the tractor rides over a hill or obstacle
      • Rear Hitch*

        • Hook up any tow-behind air cart with ease
        • Ensures a tight implement turning radius and follow the tracks created by the tractor during transport
        • Provides enough room to allow the drill frame to be folded into the transport position without disconnecting the air system
        • Lights and ISOBUS connectivity

        *Precision Disk 550 model only

      Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)

      Achieve Seeding Efficiencies with Data-Driven Decision-Making

      Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) helps you capitalize on all of the advantages and benefits Precision Disk air drills bring to your farm. AFS offers a fully integrated platform that gathers data during every phase of production — and it’s all controlled through a new, intuitive new display interface design.
      • Flow, Population and Blockage Monitoring

        • Reduce unsightly skips from blocked seed rows and monitor seed population to ensure hitting target rates
        • Optional on the Precision Disk 550, the wireless flow blockage monitoring system uses acoustic sensors to provide real-time continuous blockage status updates and blockage history tracking
        • The Precision Disk 550T flow sensors provide accurate population estimates for larger seeded crops
        • A bar graph on the Precision Disk 550T flow sensors displays target rates and seeding flow
      • Section and Rate Control

        • Put seed, fertilizer and other inputs precisely where you want them using AFS section and rate control.
        • Reduced overlaps combined with variable-rate application and precise product placement can help you save on inputs, improve agronomic performance and lower overall costs.
        • Variable-rate application results in fewer trips across the field.
      • Guidance and Steering

        • Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy at sub-inch levels with AFS AccuGuide autoguidance.
        • Autoguidance helps reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and simply get more done every day.
      • Data Management and Analysis

        • View, edit, manage, analyze and use your precision farming data — all in a single suite — with AFS software.
        • Generate yield maps, precision maps and more from a single, integrated software package.
        • Create soil sampling maps, generate and print reports, and import satellite imagery.
        • Securely and easily import and manage all data sources using your AFS software.

      Maintenance & Uptime

      Reduced Maintenance and Easy Serviceability

      The open frame design of our Precision Disk air drills makes it easy to access all parts of the disk drill for ease of maintenance. Plus, a majority of the setup is completed at the factory, which reduces setup time, improves reliability and leads to increased uptime.


      Seeding Method No-Till Disk, Parallel link
      Row Spacings - In (mm) 7.5, 10, 15 (191, 254, 381)
      Seed Supply Integral tank, 110 or 140 (3850 or 4900)
      Frame Sections And Transport Folding Method 3 section, vertical fold
      Min Working Width ft/in [ m ]
      Max Working Width ft/in [ m ]40 ft.
      Min Transport Width ft/in [ m ]
      Max Transport Width ft/in [ m ]18 ft.. 8 in.
      Min Transport Height ft/in [ m ]
      Max Transport Height ft/in [ m ]13 ft. 9 in.
      Number Of Furrows, Minimum
      Number Of Furrows, Maximum
      Min Weight lbs [ kg ]
      Max Weight lbs [ kg ]28360
      Variants Available
      Opener Type Single 18" coulter, 7 degree angle
      Depth Gauging System
      Seeding Depth, Maximum - In (mm)
      Down Pressure, Minimum - Lb (kg)
      Down Pressure, Maximum - Lb (kg)
      Trip Load - Lb (kg)
      Fertilizer Delivery
      Press Wheel Mounting
      Press Wheel Description Double Edge
      Center Frame Tire 380/55 R16.5
      Wing Frame Tire 340/60R15
      Number Of Frame Ranks 2
      Distance Between Ranks - In (mm)
      Min Number Of Furrows
      Max Number Of Furrows
      Min Down Pressure lbs [ kg ]
      Max Down Pressure lbs [ kg ]
      Tank 1 Capacity bu (US) [ L ]
      Min Row Spacing inches [ mm ]
      Max Row Spacing inches [ mm ]
      Trip Load lbs [ kg ]
      Distance Between Ranks inches [ mm ]
      Tank 2 Capacity bu (US) [ L ]
      Max Seeding Depth inches [ mm ]