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Optimum stability is provided by a longer wheelbase and lower center of gravity, while the 5.5 yd bucket helps with efficient loading on truckloading and aggregate operations. Efficiency if further enhanced by the four power modes, giving operators the ability to match engine power to the job at hand.  This model is also available in XR (extended reach) configuration for enhanced versatility.

Fuel Efficiency 

Get up to a 10% increase in fuel economy with the engine’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. Fuel savings can be furthered up to 30% with the standard engine shutdown feature — allowing the owner to limit engine idle time.

Comfort and Visibility 

Safety on the jobsite is maximized with this model’s rear-view, wide-angle camera that sends live, full-color video directly to the cab.


Maintenance is made easy with a full raise-up hood, environmentally safe fluid drains, sight guages and grouped, ground-level checkpoints.



  • ROPS cab w/ heat and air conditioning
  • Key start
  • Articulated power steering w/ tilt column
  • Fully adjustable, suspension seat, clothcovered
  • 2 in (51 mm) retractable seat belt
  • Foot throttle
  • Single lever 2-function loader control w/ wrist rest
  • Cup holder
  • Coat hook
  • (1) Interior rearview mirror
  • Storage tray behind seat
  • Lunch box compartment
  • Single brake pedal
  • F/N/R shuttle switch
  • Glove box
  • Pressurized air filtering
  • Anti-glare window strip
  • Defroster
  • Side window, partial/fully open
  • Dome light
  • Wipers, rear and intermittent front
  • Windshield washers, front and rear
  • Rubber floor mat
  • Horn
  • Dispays/Gauges
  • Analog: Engine coolant temperature, Fuel level, Transmission oil temperature, Hydraulic oil temperature
  • LCD screen: Hour meter, Time, FNR indication, Trip computer, Metric/english, Differential lock, Joystick steering indicator, Engine speed; Automatic trans indication, DeClutch indication, Fuel consumption, Engine diagnostics; Error reporting, Travel speed, Current gear selection, Engine mode indication; Multiple languages, Transmission diagnostics; DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) gauge; Engine oil temperature, Oil pressure, Coolant temperature, Transmission oil temperature, Transmission sump oil temperature, Hydraulic oil temperature, System voltage, Turbocharger air temperature, Fuel level percentage, Warning prompts
  • Audible/ Visual alarms:
  • Warning lights: Main warning, Low fuel, Turn signals, Four-way flashers, High beam lights, Grid heater*, Low brake pressure, Low steering pressure, Parking brake
  • Caution alarm: Parking brake, Coolant temperature, Hydraulic oil temperature, Transmission oil temperature, Air filter, Transmission filter, Hydraulic filter, Alternator, Low fuel
  • Critical alarm: Engine oil pressure, Brake pressure, Steering pressure – w/ aux. steering*, Coolant temperature, Hydraulic oil temperature, Transmission oil temperature
  • Backup alarm
  • NOTE: *If equipped w/ option.



  • Case/FPT F2CFE614C
  • Tier 4 Final Certified
  • Selectable work modes: Maximum power, Auto power, Standard power, Economy power
  • Turbocharger
  • Charge air cooling
  • Automatic fan belt tensioner
  • Integral engine oil cooling
  • Fuel filter with water trap
  • Dual-element air cleaner
  • Hydraulic-driven cooling fan
  • Liquid-cooled radiator
  • Rear-mounted cooling module
  • Common rail electronic fuel injection.



  • Z-Bar loader linkage
  • Single control for lift and tilt
  • Positive hold float
  • Automatic return-to-dig
  • Automatic height control
  • Automatic return-to-travel
  • Brake pedal transmission disconnect
  • Bucket position indicator on bucket



  • 4-wheel drive
  • 4F/3R Selectable autoshift/manual shift transmission
  • Electronic Control Module – programmable, computer controlled proportional shifting with programmable gear selection
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Single lever electronic shift control
  • F/N/R switch in loader control handle
  • Downshift button
  • Torque converter
  • Outboard planetary axles
  • Transmission oil cooler
  • Brake pedal transmission disconnect
  • Hydraulic wet disc brakes
  • Spring-applied hydraulic release parking brake
  • Limp-Home Mode
  • Greasable rear axle trunnion



  • Single lever 2-function loader control valve
  • Low-effort steering
  • Hydraulic driven fan
  • (8) Diagnostic quick couplers
  • Split flange hydraulic connections – 1 inch or greater
  • Hydraulic oil cooler



  • 95 amp alternator and voltage regulator
  • Electrical disconnect switch
  • (2) 900 CCA 12-volt batteries
  • Electric starter
  • Lights: 2 Front driving headlights – high/low beam, 2 Front flood, 2 LED stop and tail lights * 2 Rear flood, Front and rear turn signal/flash
  • Key start/stop switch
  • Centrally located fuse box with all electrical circuits protected



  • Electric hood lift
  • Front and rear fenders, partial coverage
  • Standard counterweight
  • Drawbar hitch
  • Articulation locking bar
  • Lift arm locking bar
  • Lift and tie-down points – front/rear
  • Backup alarm
  • Remote drain points
  • 3-piece rims