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The offset tapered drums on the CASE DV26 reduce tearing of asphalt while compacting around curves and help achieve smooth transitions between passes. Compact closer to obstacles with the recessed hydrostatic drum. Dual frequency is standard on the new CASE DV series, allowing you to maximize your productivity all day long.

Fuel Efficiency

Tier 4 Interim technology lowers combustion temperatures while increasing fuel efficiency in the DV26 compact roller. The familiar technology maintains the same level of power and torque performance.

Comfort and Visibility

The DV series compactors lead the industry in operator comfort. With a simple console and an integrated operating lever, your hands never have to leave the control lever. The narrow hood design and lateral moving suspension seats provide superior operator visibility.


Quick and easy maintenance increases the longevity of your machine. The new DV26 features an external fuel fill, a flip forward hood design and a Teflon articulation joint to increase uptime and productivity. Access to the engine is easy with the gas strut assist opening hood and grouped check points located on the side of the machine.


  • Foldable ROPS
  • Anti-vandal guard
  • Hydrostatic drive for both drums
  • Dual vibration
  • Front/Dual drum vibration control
  • Auto vibration stop in neutral
  • Articulated chassis
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Backup alarm
  • 2 in (51 mm) retractable seat belt
  • Lateral moving suspension seat w/ foldable arms
  • Pressurized water system
  • Tapered drum edges
  • Vulcollon scrapers – adjustable
  • 2-stage water filtration
  • Master disconnect switch
  • Horn
  • Hourmeter
  • Emergency stop button
  • 4-point lift and tie down provision
  • Watering system drains
  • Electric fuse protection
  • Steering wheel spinner knob
  • Spin-on fuel, engine oil and hydraulic filters
  • Tool box
  • Flip open hood
  • Indicator lights: Battery, Engine oil pressure, Intake preheater, Engine temperature, Parking brake, Vibration on/ off, Sprinkler system on/ off