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VertiSpread® Vertical Beater Module

The PS 270 is equipped with a vertical beater module. VertiSpread vertical beaters provide quality spreading performance for a wide array of materials. These modules are designed to spread material in a 25-30 feet pattern at rates ranging from 5-30 tons per acre. To improve material flow, the beater module on the PS 270 has been positioned further forward, closer to the apron. The beaters come standard with 5/8" steel flighting and bolt-on, through-hardened steel teeth that provide superior strength and durability with consistent spread patterns.

Heavy-Duty Guillotine Gate

A heavy-duty guillotine gate provides increased material metering capability and material flow management. The new design reduces the possibility of material flow issues, such as lodging or bridging, by eliminating guide rails protruding inside of the box, as well as increasing opening height.

Two-Piece Poly Floor

A two-piece, 5/8” poly floor provides more strength and durability than traditional flooring while reducing friction. The two-piece design provides greater impact resistance when dropping heavy loads into the spreader. The floor is proudly backed by a 10-year warranty.

Dual-Apron Design

The 667 XH pintle apron chain provides increased strength with ease of maintenance and is accompanied by heavy-duty self-cleaning sprockets welded to a 2” steel shaft. A hydraulic-driven, direct-drive gearbox provides reliable power with low maintenance.

Sidewall Flare

The all-new sidewall flare provides increased heaping capacity without increasing the overall size of the machine. This makes the unit easier to load with the wider flotation tires. The new design also allows the sidewalls to be supported by fewer, yet stronger, exterior uprights.


Capacity - no extensions (m3) 13.59
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 480
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Overall tread width (m) 3.4
Overall tread width (cm) 340
Overall tread width (in) 134
Overall height - w/vertical beaters (m) 3
Overall height - w/vertical beaters (in) 118
Overall length - w/vertical beaters (m) 9.1
Overall length - w/vertical beaters (in) 359
Tread width (cm) 340
Weight - w/ vertical beaters (kg) 7257
Weight - w/ vertical beaters (lb) 16000
Maximum load (kg) 20638
Maximum load (lb) 45500
Minimum power requirement for PTO - w/ vertical beaters (kW) 134
Minimum power requirement for PTO - w/ vertical beaters (hp) 180
Vertical beaters - number standard 2
Vertical beater diameter - lower (cm) 95.25
Vertical beater diameter - lower (in) 37.5
Loading height (cm) 236
Loading height (in) 93